2021 Wedding Trends

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What to expect at 2021 weddings

After the turbulent year of 2020, it’s only right to expect changes in the wedding industry. We say goodbye to old trends and welcome the new in what we all hope to be a better year, but still bear in mind that many COVID-19 restrictions will be sticking around for months to come.  Read on to find out what wedding trends there will be throughout 2021…

A rise in sequel weddings

In 2020 there was an abundance of couples facing the disappointment of cancellations or postponements and many of those couples made the decision to tie the knot with small covid-friendly weddings. Now, as things begin to slowly recover, couples may be thinking about a sequel wedding; a day with friends and family to celebrate their marriage. Sequel weddings involve everything that takes place during a traditional wedding day, but without the need for officiators or legalities. We think you would agree with us when we say that Crondon Park wedding venue would be the perfect location for this!

Staying local

This is about appreciating what’s nearby rather than feeling compelled to travel miles to other wedding destinations. Choose your local wedding venue for your big day and invest your money into other small local businesses to make your wedding extra special. It might be obvious to get your flowers, entertainment and catering supplied by local businesses but why not try and source the little finishing touches like stationery from a local illustrator or handmade decor from a local online business.

Taking these extra steps to be conscious about who you’re hiring will ensure you’re spending your money well – something that’s very important in 2021. Staying close to home should also help to minimise any stresses around potential travel restrictions too.

Getting wed on a weekday

A trend that’s been on the rise for a number of years is weekday weddings. With two years worth of engaged couples looking to set a date, this is something that’s continuing to grow in popularity.

Creating an experience

In 2021, there’s a focus on making your wedding about more than just the two of you getting married. The nuptials will always remain the most significant factor, but many couples are looking for ways to make the celebrations as enjoyable as possible for everyone; placing importance on their close friends and family having lots of fun.

This is done by tailoring parts of the day to certain people, such as completely customisable menus for those with dietary requirements or providing comfy sofa seating for those who might need a rest in the middle of the day. Where possible (while abiding by restrictions), we think that immersive entertainment options will continue to grow in popularity. This could involve guest-participation activities like quizzes and team games.

Socially distanced seating

As social distancing still applies, expect seating arrangements to be in bubbles or pods. Ceremony seating that is traditionally left for guests to sit anywhere is now pre-assigned and labelled to avoid any confusion or cross bubble contamination.


Try and have some fun by incorporating some of these trends into your wedding, but remember the most important thing is to stay safe.