5 Flower Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

Bridal flower bouquet

The summer season is all about beautiful fresh flowers, so let’s talk about five ways to incorporate them into your wedding celebrations…

What’s in season?

Let us cover the basics by starting with some of the flowers that are in season during the summer months. Selecting flowers from this list means that you will get the best quality blooms at the best price:

– Sunflowers

– Peonies

– Roses

– Hydrangeas

– Sweet peas

– Dahlias

A bouquet

As expected, the easiest way to use flowers in your wedding is with a bouquet. Although it is a traditional item, it does not have to be boring! Your bouquet can be used to make a statement or be kept simple. Use a mix of colours that complement your theme and your outfit.

A flower wall

Flower walls burst onto the wedding scene a few years ago and have remained popular ever since. These large floral displays can make great additions to wedding venues Essex and have multiple uses. They are often used as a photo backdrop for guests to pose in front of. They can also act as a divider to section off parts of the venue and as a background for items you want to aesthetically display, like your cake.

A centrepiece

When it comes to creating a flower centrepiece you have an abundance of options. It is up to you whether you keep it simple but effective with single vases filled with flowers to match your bouquet. Or you have a dramatic floral runner that is the whole length of the table. Or maybe you have a selection of smaller vases filled with posies that are perfectly arranged in the centre of the table.

A floral canopy

One of the biggest flower trends right now is floral hanging arrangements or flower canopies. Often large in size with lots of hanging greenery and trailing petals, they can make a big impact. They are great for venues with high ceilings as they fill some of the aerial space. A canopy arrangement can also be used to frame a certain area of the venue (perhaps over the top table, above the cake table or hanging by your ceremony spot) as they draw the eye’s attention to that place.

A wedding favour

Continuing a floral theme through to your wedding favours can be a really fun idea. You could give each guest a sachet of flower seeds with a love-themed slogan like ‘let love grow’ written on the front. You could set your tables with cloth napkins embroidered with flower designs for each guest to keep. If you have had lots of fresh flower arrangements decorating your venue then think about what you are going to do with them at the end of the day. Many couples like to hand them out to family members or close friends as an extra gift.


We hope this gave you some inspiration on how to use fresh flowers at your summer wedding!