5 great ways to remember loved ones at your wedding

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Whilst your wedding is sure to be a truly joyous occasion, it can be difficult to ignore the absence of a loved one on this special day. You may feel that someone very dear to you is missing when they should be by your side. Fortunately, there are some fantastic ways to pay tribute to them, making sure they can still be a part of this important event. Here are five great ways to remember deceased loved ones at your wedding.

A note on the order of service

One popular way to honour a deceased loved one is to include them in the wedding order of service. Adding them as a member of your wedding party or acknowledging them in a citation at the end is a great way to pay tribute to them publicly whilst ensuring that they are very much part of the day in spirit.

Sew their memory into your dress or suit

Sewing a memory of your loved one into your dress or suit can allow you to carry them around with you on this special day. It could be a photo of them, a sweet note they once wrote to you or a cutting from one of their favourite items of clothing. Ask your seamstress or tailor to sew in this ‘memory’ either outward-facing so everyone can see it or hidden so that only you know it’s there. It can be as obvious or subtle as you choose.

Incorporate their favourite flowers

Did your loved one have a favourite flower? If so, you might consider paying homage to them by incorporating their first-choice bloom into your wedding. Add them to your bouquet, table centrepieces or wear one in your buttonhole. Meghan Markle did just this on her wedding day when she incorporated Princess Diana’s favourite flower – forget-me-nots – into her bouquet.

Light a candle

One sweet way to remember a loved one at your wedding is to light a memorial candle in their honour. You could opt to pause during the ceremony to light the candle and remember the life of someone you wish could have been there. Alternatively, you could set up a memorial table at the reception, which might include pictures of the deceased person and decorative items such as flowers and candles. Your guests can visit the table themselves to celebrate the memory of your loved one.

Reserve them a seat

A subtle yet really meaningful way to pay remembrance to someone who has passed away is to reserve them a seat at your wedding. You can place a photo of them on the chair, an item of their clothing or even a flower from your bouquet. Saving them a seat at this special event is the perfect way to pay tribute to them.

Crondon Park wedding venue can incorporate your loved one in any way you choose, with our team dedicated to ensuring your special day is exactly as you envisage.