Why Choose a Barn Wedding? 5 Great Reasons

Crondon Park barn style venue

A barn wedding venue is a very popular choice in the UK wedding scene and it’s easy to see why. Let’s explore why you should host your big day at a barn wedding venue…

1. The facilities

Despite being traditional-style venues with historical features, barn wedding venues have been respectfully updated and added to in order to keep up with modern-day requirements. Crondon Park offers the beautiful Granary Bridal Suite: a lovely and cosy accommodation option that is on-site and easily accessible while remaining secluded and private.

Most barn venues are accompanied by gorgeous grounds available to be used to their full potential on your wedding day. From manicured formal gardens to sprawling green lawns, these added spaces have endless possible uses during your celebrations. Think alfresco welcome drinks, fun lawn games and sunset sparklers.

2. The opportunity to make it your own

The classic traits of a barn wedding venue, like wooden floors and beams, provide a fantastic blank canvas. Most wedding themes and decor trends can be introduced seamlessly to create the wedding venue of your dreams. Whatever your style, a barn wedding venue should fit right in.

3. For the character

Due to their rich history, barn wedding venues are brimming with character. Unlike events rooms in hotels or similar venues, barns are complete with traditional features that add a lot of interest and personality to the space. This means that you can keep things low-key with decor without the venue looking plain or boring. Simply add some twinkly fairy lights to the wooden beams and some candles to the tables and you’ve got yourself a romantic venue.

The Baronial Hall at Crondon Park is the perfect example of this. A fine example of a Tudor/Jacobean barn building the venue is full of charm and elegance.

4. For the size

Barn wedding venues usually provide an abundance of square footage to be utilised by you. These venues are often favoured due to their large size of both indoor and outdoor space. Traditional characteristics of barn buildings mean they have a big footprint, but also a great height due to their conventional high ceilings. This gives the barn a roomy feel – perfect for weddings with big guest lists.

5. For the beauty

A barn wedding venue never compromises on beauty, which is a win-win for your wedding. Not only are they romantic and enjoyable places to spend the day, but they provide gorgeous photo opportunities too. Both inside and outside the barn offers countless backdrops that will make your photos effortlessly beautiful.


Barn wedding venues are truly wonderful and romantic places to tie the knot. Their design and characteristics can cater to all types of wedding demands and needs – it’s no wonder they are so popular!