5 Reasons To Plan An Autumn Wedding

Happy bride and groom in autumn outdoors

Autumn weddings have been growing in popularity over the past few years, with more couples keen to say ‘I do’ with a backdrop of stunning golden foliage. Here are 5 big reasons to plan an Autumn wedding that you will never forget.

Unforgettable photos

Perhaps the biggest reason to get married in Autumn is the beautiful photographs. Autumn is arguably the most breathtaking season, with magnificent scenery creating a vibrant backdrop for your wedding snaps. Your photographer can take photos of you beneath voluminous trees or frolicking with your new spouse in piles of golden leaves. You could even incorporate pumpkins into your photos to achieve a real seasonal vibe! The grounds of many wedding venues in Essex come to life at this time of year, making them the perfect setting for Autumn wedding photos.

Seasonal food and drink

An Autumn wedding lets you take advantage of a wide range of seasonal food and drink. At Crondon Park, we can source a fantastic range of local produce, from the freshest vegetables to the best quality fruit for hot apple cider. You can say goodbye to the cold salads associated with summer and hello to hearty dishes that will warm you up from the inside out. Do not forget to add some tasty autumnal treats to your menu, like caramel apples, apple and cinnamon tarts, or even pumpkin pie.

The perfect climate

Whilst a summer wedding conjures up images of sunshine and heat, Autumn is an altogether cooler affair. Lower temperatures can make for a more relaxed wedding day since you will not need to worry about your hair frizzing, your makeup running, or sweat patches on the groom’s suit! Plus, there is a good chance that the sun will rear its head on your big day, with September seeing an average of six hours of sunshine each day.

Cosy textures and textiles

An Autumn wedding may be chillier than a Summer celebration, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Lower temperatures means you will need to wrap up to stay warm, creating a real cosy vibe. If you will be saying ‘I do’ outside, place soft blankets on your guests’ chairs so that they can cuddle up. Add cute shawls to your bridesmaids’ outfits or enhance your dress with a faux fur wrap to keep the chill away. Some textures and textiles can feel too heavy in summer but are perfect for the Autumn months.

Holiday season is over

Since the summer holidays will be long behind you, your guests are less likely to be vacationing. This means that you can expect more of your loved ones to be able to attend. Whilst there is nothing to prevent people from going abroad in September or October, the chances of half your guest list having holiday plans are greatly reduced. Your chosen photographer is more likely to be available in Autumn too.


Crondon Park is the perfect Essex wedding venue for an Autumn wedding. Contact our team to find out more about our packages.