5 Wedding Menu Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Pizza on the Green pizza oven

There is so much to think about when planning your big day, from finding the perfect dress to looking for amazing wedding venues Essex. However, for many couples, the most important aspect is the food. Since it is often what guests look forward to the most, it is vital to make sure it lives up to their expectations. Besides, everyone knows that well-fed guests will enjoy themselves more, becoming more willing to get up on the dancefloor and party! Here are five wedding menu ideas your guests will love.

Hog roast

Hog roasts have become one of the most popular ways of catering for weddings of all sizes. Whether served as part of the wedding breakfast or to feed evening guests, it can add a really special touch to your big day. The pig is cooked slowly over several hours, making sure it is tender and delicious with an aroma that will make your tastebuds tingle. At Crondon Park, our chefs will cook the meat in our dedicated hog roast oven before carving it up in front of you and your guests.

Wood-fired pizza

Whilst a classic dish like filet mignon might sound like a great option for a wedding menu, sometimes guests prefer homely comfort food like pizza. A fan favourite, it is ideal for a reception meal or late-night snack once the dancing is over. Wood-fired pizza has become particularly popular due to it being quick to cook and great tasting. Plus, let’s face it, there is something special about watching a delicious pizza be freshly prepared by hand and then cooked in a wood-fired oven right in front of you – it will create a real spectacle for your guests to enjoy.

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington may be one of the most classic wedding dishes, but there is a good reason why. The ultimate fillet steak dish, it consists of beef coated with pâté and duxelles and then wrapped in puff pastry before being baked. Hearty and delicious, it is the perfect Autumn meal served with seasonal vegetables.

Italian Antipasti

Full of fresh flavours, Italian antipasti is the ideal choice for a wedding. Featuring foods like cured meats, warm ciabatta, and seasonal vegetables like olives, capers, peppers, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts, it can provide a vibrant display that is sure to impress your hungry guests. Although Italians traditionally eat antipasti – which means ‘before the meal’ – prior to eating the first course, it can be eaten at any time. Often, it is the ideal food for grazing on in the evening before you all hit the dancefloor.

Sushi station

Sushi is most definitely wedding-worthy food. Whilst you might not want to treat your guests to a huge sushi spread, there are certainly ways you can incorporate this versatile Japanese delicacy into your wedding menu. From serving it up as canapes before the wedding breakfast to passing it around later in the evening to keep your guests’ fuelled, sushi is the ideal treat.


At Crondon Park, we can cater to a wide range of wedding menus. We source the freshest local ingredients to produce mouth-watering dishes for your big day.