8 signature cocktails for a winter wedding

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If you’re planning your menu for a winter wedding, it makes sense to choose beverages that pay homage to the season. Read on to discover our top 8 signature cocktails that are sure to warm up your wedding day!

Tequila-spiked hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a classic winter drink and by adding tequila, you can turn it into a classic signature cocktail for your wedding day. Tequila can elevate a simple hot chocolate, making it spicy and warming. Adding cinnamon and cayenne can further enhance the flavour. For a mint hot chocolate, add crème de menthe.

Mulled wine cocktail

Mulled wine is a much-loved winter warmer, making it ideal for a wedding at this time of year. To lift this already delicious drink and turn it into a signature cocktail for your big day, add Cointreau, which is an orange flavoured liquor. Mulled wine is the ideal choice for weddings since it can be made in large batches for as many guests as you like.

Salted caramel white Russian

A salted caramel white Russian cocktail is thick, creamy and decadent – perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Adding salted caramel flavoured vodka and Kahlua with its delicious coffee flavour can make the classic white Russian recipe even more divine.

Boozy eggnog

Eggnog is undoubtedly the quintessential Christmas drink, enjoyed by families and friends for generations. Eggnog is delicious when served without alcohol but stirring in whiskey or rum makes it the perfect cocktail for winter weddings.

Apple hot buttered rum

Hot buttered rum is a much-loved winter drink containing rum, hot water or cider, butter and various spices. Carrying all those warming flavours of winter, it becomes even more seasonal when you add apple and cinnamon. Offer this warm and comforting cocktail on your big day and watch your guests come back for more!

Harvest punch

Harvest punch is a great option for a winter wedding cocktail. Fruity with apple and lemon and warming with rum and maple syrup, it’s the perfect way to keep your guests toasty when it’s cold outside.

Coconut Chai toddy

A Chai toddy beats every other cocktail for the cosy factor. Steaming hot, heavily spiced, and boozy with rum, there’s much to love about this warming winter drink. This version adds coconut milk to the Chai tea and dark rum, giving it an exotic twist that’s also very decadent.

Campfire cocktail

A campfire cocktail is a sweet and smoky bourbon cocktail that’s tailor-made for winter weddings. Using bourbon whisky and marshmallow syrup, this classic drink conjures up memories of bonfire night. A campfire cocktail is sure to warm your guests’ cockles, leaving them feeling happy and relaxed on your big day.


Don’t forget the drinks menu when planning your wedding. A great choice of beverages can ensure that your guests stay in good spirits long into the evening. For a winter wedding, choose warming, boozy cocktails that are packed with seasonal flavours. If you’re looking for cocktail-loving wedding venues in Essex, look no further than Crondon Park.