8 special wishes for little guests

Crondon Park Weddings

Weddings are such joyous occasions for young and old alike, but they can often be quite boring at times for the little ones.  We love seeing children enjoying themselves, and we have also seen some wonderful ideas for how to keep them entertained.  If you would like some inspiration for your little guests, check out these special wishes.

The wish of a gift

You will have probably spent some time thinking about what favours you will be giving your guests, but there are some that will require special attention.  When entering the reception, we love to see the children’s faces when they are met with their own personal goodie bag.  Filled with age appropriate toys, crafts and treats, they don’t just keep the kids happy, but the parents too.

A Wishmat

If you have ever been to Pizza Express you will know that they give each child a special placemat and some colouring pencils.  The placemat is filled with fun activities, such as dot-to-dot, word searches, and things to colour in.  Why not make your own themed placemat for your little guests?

A Wish of Friendship

Instead of placing children at their parents’ tables, why not think about having a kids table? Decorated with fun and colourfulfavours and games,with space to move around.  They will not only be kept busy, but they may make a few new friends in the process.


Children love to feel special, and this you can easily achieve at your evening reception by providing them with their own little buffet.  Filled with savoury and sweet treats, parents won’t have to worry that there won’t be anything they will like.  The children will thoroughly enjoy having their own special area that they can return to as often as they like.

Build a Wish

We always look forward to seeing the centrepieces arriving, as these beautiful floral creations can completely transform a room.  If you have a kids table, why not introduce a different kind of centrepiece, where your little guests can build their own decoration?  Of course, we are talking of a bowl of Lego, although you may have to stop the adults from moving tables.

Thank You Wish

One of the cutest requests we have had is for the toasts.  Whilst your older guests are being served a glass of bubbly, why not serve your little guests a tipple also?  One bride brought in a selection of mini milk bottles and a pack of cookies; the children were given a drink of milk and a cookie for the speeches.  Seeing them brought out on the tray was adorable, and the families were in awe of the kind gesture.

A Sunshine Wish of Adventure

We have the most stunning grounds, perfect for little adventures.  Set up some old school outdoor games, such as hopscotch and Jenga, children-sized space hoppers, hula-hoops and skipping ropes.  They can burn off some of their boundless energy as the adults look on in envy.

Wishing for a Bubble to Fall

Bubble machines have become a popular addition to the dance floor, and their magical grace fits perfectly into a wedding day.  No one loves bubbles more than kids, but you don’t want them getting too close to a machine.  Why not introduce a bubble station at your wedding, with a variety of sized bubble makers to choose from, and a place to top up on fluid?Your reception will be filled with delight, with an abundance of bubbles and giggling children.

If little people are coming to your wedding, make it a day they will never forget.  We can assure you that they will fall asleep exhausted, with a big smile on their faces.