A Wedding With Two Best Men

Bride and father walking on the aisle

Can’t Decide Between Them? The More The Merrier

Your wedding can easily accommodate two, or even more best men. Here’s how to split the typical best men tasks to ensure all runs smoothly.

Are you finding it difficult to pick a best man? Perhaps you have two brothers who you couldn’t possibly decide between, or else two or more best mates who you’ve grown up with since nursery? As weddings move slightly away from set traditions and more in line with doing what works for you as a couple, the great news is that grooms are frequently choosing to have more than one best man. Explore how to include two or more best men into your wedding party.

Taking The Pressure Off

Being a best man comes with a great deal of responsibility which can be a lot for a single person to take on. Splitting the traditional tasks with another co-best man is a great way to share the load. Perhaps one best man is a fantastic organiser but quite shy. He could be in charge of arranging a stag do but leave best man number two to handle the speech. There are many ways in which your best men configuration can work to your advantage whilst relieving a little pressure off each other.

Ensure Communication

Of course, the only downside to leaving two people to figure out their responsibilities is that there’s a danger that some tasks may be left untouched, particularly if there’s any confusion about who should be handling each area of the wedding preparation. You’ll know your best men better than anyone, so if you feel that they need extra handholding, then sit down with them and draw up a list of both pre-wedding responsibilities and on-the-day duties. By offering that communication, you can be reassured that everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and there’s no room for misunderstandings.

Typical best men duties in the run-up to the wedding might include organising the suits, planning a stag do, coordinating with the ushers and helping to set up at your Essex wedding venue. On the day, your best men might assist in looking after the rings, greeting wedding guests, offering support to the groom at the ceremony venue, delivering a speech and dancing with the maid of honour or chief bridesmaid.

Wedding Attire

The best men and ushers will usually wear the same wedding attire which should make it easy to accommodate two or more best men in your wedding party. By attending fittings beforehand and involving your best men in the selection of their outfits, you can be assured that they’ll look smart and on point throughout your celebrations.

Double Trouble Wedding Speech

There are two ways to handle delivering a wedding speech when there are two best men on board. Either you can decide that the more confident public speaker will handle the speech singlehandedly, or else you can split the task so they become a double act. If you’re considering the latter, then it’s important that they write the speech together rather than each preparing separate notes and trying to make them fit. If the best men each know the groom from separate stages in life, one as a brother, the other as a university friend for example, then they can easily share appropriate anecdotes which correspond to these times.

If you can’t imagine having to choose between two top men in your life, then having two, or even more, best men are the perfect way to honour everyone who is important to you!