Adding The Finishing Touches To Your Barn Wedding

Silver themed wedding hall Baronial

Incorporating Personalised Details Into Your Special Day

Your barn venue is the perfect romantic canvas to add a little bit of ‘you’ to. Create your wedding theme with just a few finishing touches.

A barn venue is an incredibly romantic style of venue for your wedding celebrations. With rustic beams, high ceilings and the Tudor history that fills our Baronial Hall, you can be assured that you’ll have plenty of mood and atmosphere when you choose to wed here. The venue lends itself to versatility too, allowing for wedding themes that are rustic, vintage or glamorous. It really all comes down to which finishing touches you choose to incorporate into your special day.

Bringing The Outside In

Whatever the time of year, Essex barn weddings will always be perfectly complemented by a gorgeous display of flowers. Depending on your preferences and your budget, you might choose to include floral centrepieces dotted along your dining tables, but you could also create additional largescale floral displays at the entrance of the barn. Depending on the time of year, you might choose to incorporate striking blooms such as sunflowers for a bit of drama, or else opt for perennial romance by using roses. Don’t forget that other elements of nature, including foliage, twigs, fruit, vegetables and even hay can all add charm to your rustic barn celebrations. Small potted trees add heaps of character to your venue too.


Old photos are always a great talking point at weddings. You might choose to add a small display filled with photographs of yourself and your partner as children, or else hang up photos of your parents and grandparents on their own wedding days. Your nearest and dearest will love the nostalgic element of this finishing touch and it will help to unite them with other guests. To give them a chance to add to your collection of happy couples, you might choose to make a wedding polaroid guest book by placing a polaroid camera on the table and ask them to take a pic to add to your display!


Weddings which include personalised details of the happy couple are some of the most memorable. If you and your partner have any particular hobbies that you feel passionate about, then this is a great opportunity to mix them into your wedding day theme. For example, if you’re known for your love of horse-riding, then include some lucky horseshoes as part of your decorations. If you’re mad about cricket, then you could base your seating plan around different areas of the cricket pitch.


Lighting is an important consideration in a barn wedding, and the Baronial Hall is lucky to boast chandeliers which look simply stunning. By adding fairy lights around the beams of the barn and incorporating some lighting details amongst your table arrangements and decorations, you can be assured that your venue will be oozing with atmosphere and romance.

Your Essex barn wedding will always be a stunning choice of venue, and it provides the perfect canvas for you to add the finishing touches to. Decide on your theme and whether you want it to be formal or casual, then choose some personalised details which your guests will connect with.