Five Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly At Your Barn Wedding

Budget-friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas

How to decorate your wedding on a budget

When it comes to weddings, the biggest concern is usually the price. It’s no secret that weddings are an expensive business, but they don’t have to be. If you’re willing to put in a bit of forward planning, then there are ways to cut costs when decorating your venue. Let’s discuss ways to save the pennies without scrimping on the wow-factor…

Prioritise picking a good venue

When researching wedding venues in Essex, you’ll notice that Crondon Park stands out from the crowd. We offer a barn wedding venue in a stunning location that is perfect just the way it is. The authentic interior of The Baronial Hall is beautiful all on its own; you don’t need to worry about adding lots of extra decorative touches at more cost to create the finished product. The wooden beams and high ceiling make a statement as soon as you walk in. Taking this approach and prioritising a venue that needs little decorating will pay off later.

Save items from your recycling

Instead of sending your waste straight to a recycling centre, think about ways you can make use of it. Glass jars are an easy way to get into this and have many uses. Turn them into drinks glasses, snack holders or flower vases.

Perhaps the easiest way to upcycle old jars is to pop a tealight (which is inexpensive to buy in bulk) in each one. Candles have a strong impact on any space and create a romantic atmosphere. The beauty of this is you can start collecting jars as soon as your date is booked – even ask friends and family to get involved too. Don’t worry about each jar is the same as the mismatched look can look beautifully organic and rustic. Another effective technique is using nice wine and spirit bottles to decorate your venue. Pop a tall candle in the opening or fill it with string lights for a magical effect.

Source wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are an incredibly versatile option for decorating at your wedding, with the added bonus that you can often source them for free! If you join local selling/ trading groups on social media sites, it probably won’t be long before you find someone trying to give away pallets. If not, don’t be afraid to post a request and see if anyone gets in touch.

With a bit of handiwork, a lick of paint and some general sprucing a wooden pallet can be used for pretty much anything. Using a bit of DIY magic you’ll be able to transform that standard pallet into whatever you desire from seating to signs to lawn games – the options are endless!

We admit that decorating your wedding venue on a budget requires a bit more effort, but it’s worth it if you’re trying to keep costs down. An added bonus is that these DIY methods are usually more sustainable too.

If you require more tips and advice, please feel free to contact our amazing wedding team at Crondon Park.

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