Changing Your Wedding Flowers

Bridal flower bouquet

Working With Your Florist To Choose Seasonal Flowers

Changed your wedding date due to the pandemic? You may need to speak to your florist to adjust your bouquets and floral arrangements according to the season.

With around 73,600 weddings and same-sex civil partnership ceremonies postponed during the first three months of lockdown, it’s fair to say that there have been some significant changes to people’s nuptials in 2020. If you’ve had to change your wedding date this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then you may be wondering what aspects of your big day will be different when it’s time for your celebrations. When reorganising your wedding, you’ll find that some of your choices, like your wedding venue, DJ or band simply need a change of date. Others such as your wedding flowers may need a rethink if you’ve switched your date to a different time of year.

Contacting Your Florist

If you have had to change your wedding date, it’s essential that you get in touch with all of your suppliers, including your florist to discuss switching to the new big day. As florists work with fresh, natural products, you’ll need to give them a few weeks’ notice to allow them to cancel their order. If you already have a new date locked in with your wedding venue, then remember to get this confirmed with your florist too as soon as possible. Once these discussions have taken place, it’s time to discuss any changes to your floral arrangements.

Getting Married In a Different Season

Unless you’re working with artificial flowers, your choice of wedding flowers will be encouraged by the season in which you’re getting married. Feminine pastel bouquets are perfect for spring weddings, whilst foliage such as holly, alongside rich, colourful berries can work their way into winter arrangements.

Attending a Consultation

You may wish to browse online for inspiration for your new arrangement, but you can also take the time to work with your florist remotely. As lockdown regulations are easing, it’s predicted that there will be a big rush for consultations during the autumn. So, now would be a great time to attend a remote video meeting with your florist where possible. Even if your wedding isn’t rescheduled until next year, there’s no need to put your plans on hold. Certain flowers that you may have chosen for your original wedding date may not be available at the time of your new date. If this is the case, ask what your florist might suggest as an alternative.

Your Personal Style

Even if you had your heart set on a specific look, remember that there will also be an alternative that is equally as stunning. Florists are highly skilled at fitting in with your colour palette and sourcing seasonal flowers and foliage to match. They will also take into account the strength of fragrance offered by some flowers and can discuss with you how that will affect the ambience of your venue.

Changing your wedding plans is bound to be stressful but it’s important to stay relaxed when reorganising the details. From your bouquets through to the table centrepieces, you can be assured that your new choice of wedding flowers will be simply divine. Contact your florist today to get started.