Engaged This Christmas? Book Your Spring 2019 Wedding Now

Spring couple kissing

Why wait for your dream wedding?

If you get engaged this Christmas, don’t wait around. Get a head start on married life and book your wedding for Spring 2019.

Whether it’s the cosy nights in front of the fire, beautiful snowy scenes, or the seasonal message of peace and love to all, there is something about Christmas that inspires romance. In fact, it is the most popular time of year for marriage proposals.

If you are one of the lucky people who gets engaged this Christmas, remember that it’s never too early to start planning your big day. And if you and your spouse-to-be want a short engagement, why not get a head start and begin planning your wedding for Spring 2019.

Why choose Spring?

Summer may be the most popular time of year in which to get married, but Spring is hot on its heels. And it’s easy to see why. With milder weather, fresh and pretty colour palettes, a wide array of beautiful seasonal flowers to choose from and, in some cases, better availability for your preferred wedding dates, a springtime wedding has much to recommend it. And why wait until 2020 (or even later) when our wedding venue in Essex can help you to realise your dream wedding in the coming year?

The benefits of a short engagement

The average time for a UK engagement is just over 14 months, but there are some clear merits to bringing the wedding forward and having a shorter engagement.

When you have a long time to plan your wedding it can sometimes take over your life, and even leave you with a sense of loss once it’s all over and you return to ‘real life’. What’s more, with so much time to think things over you can end up second guessing yourself and even regretting some of your decisions.

In contrast, a short engagement focuses the mind, requiring you to make quick decisions and stick by them. While this may seem scary on the surface, it can often end up being less stressful.

Perhaps the best reason for having a short engagement is that you get to be a married couple that much sooner. And what could be better than that?

Planning tips

Planning a wedding in a short time frame may seem daunting, but with careful thought and good organisation it can be easier than you think.

It may sound obvious, but organisation really is key. Draw up a timeline of milestones, deadlines and tasks, and stick to it as closely as you can. First and foremost, you need to get your venue chosen and booked, as this forms the foundation of the rest of your planning. Experts recommend choosing a venue that offers an ‘all-in’ package with drinks packages and catering, as this can help you to manage your time more efficiently. It’s also worth asking your venue for their recommended suppliers, such as florists, photographers and DJs, as this will save you from shopping around.

Once the venue is secured it’s important to get the invitations sent out as soon as possible so that guests are given plenty of notice. Setting up a wedding website or sending invites electronically can help to speed up this process.

With the venue and guestlist sorted, everything else will fall into place, as long as you are prepared to put in some short-term effort and accept the odd compromise. Perhaps most importantly, be prepared to accept help when it’s offered. There is a lot to do in a short space of time, so don’t be afraid to divvy up some of those responsibilities.

With over 24 years’ experience of hosting weddings, we can help you to plan your ideal wedding, whether you’re engaged for three months or three years. So, once you’ve stopped celebrating the proposal, give us a call to find out our availability for Spring 2019. With a bit of luck, you could be starting the New Year with a wedding to look forward to!