Five Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly At Your Barn Wedding

Five Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly At Your Barn Wedding

As our planet suffers at our expense, it’s important we are all conscious of our potential negative impact on the environment. It’s great to see many couples have already realised this in planning their celebrations and weddings with an eco-friendly twist are rising in popularity.

DIY decor

Making your own decorations can be a fun process in preparing for your wedding. It’s a chance for you to come together as a couple, or get friends and family involved, to create your own decorations that fit exactly with your theme and ideas. A great way to be eco-friendly is to visit charity shops or donation sites and upcycle bargain finds into beautiful decor and statement pieces. It’s a bonus if you can donate/sell on the pieces afterwards as you give them an even longer lifespan. You may also be able to salvage items from your home. Try using empty jars for tea lights and bottles for flowers – a decorative method that looks stunning in our barn wedding venue Essex.

Support British businesses

After 2020 and Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the economy, it’s more important than ever to shop small and support home-grown businesses. Online platforms for independent sellers, such as Etsy, have made doing this easier than ever as you can order online and have your products arrive on your doorstep within days. Visiting your local high street is another way to discover great businesses to support. This all contributes to helping the environment as smaller businesses generally have a stronger focus on being eco-friendly and minimising their carbon footprint. It’s a really good way to source unique or bespoke items too.

Reduce waste

In your wedding planning, you can consciously make decisions that will create less waste by either forgetting certain things or making clever swaps. For example, if your wedding has a food truck then ensure they’re using either real cutlery or biodegradable options such as bamboo or banana leaf. If you’re offering wedding favours consider whether it is something actually useful to the guest or if it’s something they will simply throw away. You can even offer them something that they can use on your special day and is also eco-friendly in the long run, such as a linen napkin embroidered with their initials or metal straw.

Choose suppliers wisely

When organising who is going to supply flowers, entertainment, live music and any other external service at your wedding then ask them about their eco-values. It’s best to do this early on, to make sure you’re on the same page, or you risk being disappointed further down the line.

Make your own confetti

Traditional confetti can be extremely harmful to the environment and the wildlife living in it – especially if it includes metallic pieces, as they can take around 1000 years to naturally decompose and end up being ingested by animals. It’s great to see that a number of wedding venues have banned this type of confetti and encourage guests to throw biodegradable alternatives. To create the most eco-friendly possible confetti then use natural options such as dried flower petals.


Every little helps when it comes to caring for our planet, so implementing any of these on your special day will have a positive impact.


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