Five Ways to Decorate your Wedding with Log Slices

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How to use this staple decorative item at your wedding

A wooden log slice is a popular decorative item in the wedding industry – and it’s easy to see why! They’re relatively affordable, completely versatile and can adapt to many themes. From a rustic barn theme to a colourful boho vibe to a minimal scandi feel, here are five ways to incorporate log slices into your wedding venue…   

Table centrepieces

A classic use for this item is for the centrepieces for your dining tables. A log slice is a great foundation for any style of centrepiece adding height, separation and texture to the table design. You can place just about anything on top to create an appealing display. Vases of flowers, potted plants, lanterns and pillar candles all work seamlessly with the wood slice.

Cake display

Your cake – whether it’s a traditional iced fruitcake, a minimalist naked cake or cupcakes – needs to be displayed in pride of place. If you’ve opted for a smaller cake due to budget or guest numbers, try using a chunky log slice or tower of slices to give the cake some elevation and help it stand out. Dress up your slice by adding fresh fruit, flowers and foliage around the cake’s base.

Mini tables

A quick DIY project can transform a trusty slice into a multipurpose table. Just take some affordable metal hairpin legs and half an hour of handiwork and you’ll have a practical little table. The table will be not only useful to display things on your wedding day, but you can use it in your home afterwards too – sustainable and on-trend!

Place settings

Using log slices is a brilliant way to create individual place settings and divide space up around the table. Large slices are good for the base piece of each setting and can be layered up with napkins, cutlery and foliage. One of the reasons log slices are so popular is that their neutral wood shade can be used with any colour palette. Small slices – around the size of a coaster – look great with guests’ names etched or drawn onto them and placed at each place setting to signify who sits where.


If you’re looking to create signage for your wedding then the humble log slice is a useful item. The round surface is the perfect blank canvas to write any signs or instructions and there are many effective ways to achieve this. You can paint the words straight onto the wood or use blackboard paint and then write in chalk (a good method if you’re less confident in your handwriting skills). Other ideas are using custom wire words or scrabble tiles to spell things out. To display your DIY signs they can be attached to pallets or wooden stakes, rested on tables or held up by an easel.


A log slice’s versatility knows no bounds and you can certainly use this to your advantage when decorating your wedding venue. We hope these five ideas give you some inspiration but have fun creating something unique too!

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