How To Celebrate Your Cancelled Wedding Date

Teal themed wedding reception hall during Christmas

How to make the most of your cancelled wedding day

Having to postpone your wedding, for any reason, will be a disappointing feeling – but don’t worry. You can still find ways to honour your would-have-been wedding day while waiting to celebrate for real…

Hold a digital celebration

Thanks to the last 12 months, we’re all now very familiar with video calling. Make the most of this by setting up a call with all your guests or close family and friends. You can just have a casual chat with your virtual guests to mark the day or go all out by dressing up, drinking matching cocktails and making speeches. It might not be quite the same as being at our wedding venue, but it could still be a nice way to mark the occasion.

Make your wedding menu

It might be a bit elaborate to create your full wedding menu with canapés and all the trimmings, but spending some time with your other half in the kitchen could be a lot of fun – and you’ll have a delicious meal to eat at the end of it too. To make it feel “different” than every other day, try eating in a place of the house you don’t usually frequent; ditch the sofa for a fully-set dining table or eat outside if the weather allows.

Don’t cancel your wedding cake order

Keep that wedding cake on order and enjoy indulging in it for a few days! Not only will this be a tasty treat for the two of you, but it will be appreciated by the bakery who will have had to deal with numerous cancellations in the last year.

Write each other a love letter

Spend a little time writing each other a letter expressing how you’re feeling on the day you were meant to get married. On a day filled with mixed emotions reminding each other why you’re in love will be important. You can exchange them later that day or save them to read and look back on in the future – maybe open them on your new wedding day when everything goes ahead.

Do your favourite activity together

The day should be all about the two of you, so spend it (safely) doing whatever it is you love the most. Whether it’s chilling on the sofa with your favourite box sets, or walking through a local park or playing fun board games, do whatever you enjoy and cherish each other’s company.

Plan your honeymoon

Instead of dwelling on what could have been, try to think positively and put your energy into what will be. Focus on your plans for when you are married and get thinking about your honeymoon. This is a great way to spend some time together and will give you something to look forward to!


We hope you can find some joy in honouring your planned wedding date with these suggestions. Remember – your wedding day will arrive and all of this will soon become a distant memory!