How to Have a Summer Festival Theme Wedding

outside view of crondon park wedding venues in essex

Our tips for a summer festival wedding

If you want to add some extra wow factor to your summer wedding, then picking a festival theme is a great way to guarantee this. What is not to love about live music, street food and over-the-top decorations? Turn your wedding into a fun festival with these tips…

Give out wristbands

Woven wristbands are synonymous with festivals so these would make a great way to set the theme. Send them out with your wedding invitations and ask guests to wear them on the big day.

Make a map

Take inspiration from the maps you find at the biggest festivals and create one for your venue signposting all the important information such as where the bar is, where the toilets are, where the dancefloor is. Whether you get crafty and design it yourself or pay a professional to create one, it will give an authentic festival vibe. Display it on a big sign at the entrance or print it on your order of the days.

Set a dress code

Wellies? Check. Fringed dresses? Check. Denim shorts? Check.

Festival fashion is so varied, but has a much more casual feel than the outfits you would usually assume to be wedding guest appropriate. Letting your guests know a dress code can really help them get into the theme of a wedding.

Put on live music

A festival is not a festival without live music! Whatever your taste in music, organising live music performances will bring your festival themed wedding to life.

Make the most of the outdoors

Festivals are all about being outdoors roaming through green fields, so a festival themed wedding is bound to make use of any outside space at the venue. If you are planning on spending a lot of time outside then make sure you have made the area as comfortable as possible. Have a few seating options, such as hay bales, throws and pallet furniture and access to shade if it is sunny. It is also nice to offer blankets to guests as the temperature cools off in the evening.

Decorate your venue accordingly

Where do we start? When it comes to festival-themed decor really anything goes. You could get away with the most over the top decorations. Items often associated with a festival are bright colours, flags, festoon lights, streamers and tents. Large light-up letters are a big wedding decor trend and something you often see at festivals too.

Get some food trucks

Nothing says festival more than a street food truck. Having food trucks or stalls serving different types of food, from burgers to noodles to gyros will give your guests the ultimate festival feeling. Don’t forget about drinks! A bar stall serving cocktails and bottles will keep everyone hydrated too. If you want to do desserts, then finish the evening by toasting some marshmallows over a firepit.

Choose some entertainment

With a festival theme, you have a plethora of fun options for entertaining your guests. A popular choice is fairground style games, like a coconut shy or a hook a duck. For evening entertainment, silent discos are always a big hit! Have your guests don some headphones, pick their favourite music channel and dance the night away.


Enjoy your fun-filled festival themed wedding day at Crondon Park!