How to Have an Intimate Wedding in Essex

Groom and bride walking by Crondon Park

The best ways to have an intimate and cosy wedding in Essex

The number of couples opting for an intimate wedding is on the rise and unfortunately coronavirus has forced some couples into this option too. They’re the perfect way to create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests

Secure the venue to yourselves

Choosing an exclusive-use venue will fully embrace the intimate feeling of a small wedding; you really won’t have to see anyone but your special guests! At Crondon Park you will get the Baronial Hall, ceremony room and beautiful private gardens all to yourself – making us a fantastic intimate wedding venue in Essex.

Forget the ‘norm’

No matter the size of your wedding, it’s important to do exactly what you want as a couple. Times have changed and saying goodbye to traditions and expected practices has become much more accepted, and an intimate wedding is perfect for exploring this. You may decide not to have a bridal party or groomsmen, the bride might want to make a speech, or you might ditch the first dance. Whatever it is, your smaller guest list of closest family and friends won’t judge.

Honour your guests

With a limited number of guests attending on the day, it’s possible to make your wedding an even more special experience for them. It’s easier to tailor menus to people’s preferences, organise the seating plan to please everyone and ensure they are all comfortable and happy all day.

You can also give special nods to some of the most important people on the guest list; perhaps you want to honour your grandmother by walking down the aisle to her favourite song, or share an inside joke with your siblings during the speeches.

Cosy it up

When planning your day, you might want to close off certain areas if the space feels too big or use different spaces for different parts of your day. For example, if you’ve got any down time during the day create a comfortable “lounge” area for yourself and your guests to relax together – fill it with sofas, blankets, soft furnishings and dashes of warm, inviting light. This will help bring everyone together and feel as if you’re filling the space. If your dining area feels too big think about a way to partition it off. This could be a floral backdrop or drapey curtains.

Switch up the schedule

All weddings typically follow a traditional schedule but with an intimate wedding you truly have the freedom to do whatever you want. You may even be able to swing a weekday wedding as a smaller number of guests means they are more likely to be able to secure time off work for you (this obviously won’t be possible for those with certain jobs like teachers).

You can plan your day how you want it; maybe an early ceremony followed by a brunch-style meal or even a sunset ceremony and late night meal. Your options are endless.


Enjoy the magic of your intimate and memorable day.