How to Keep the Kids Entertained at a Wedding

How to keep the kids entertained at a wedding

There’s no doubt that children can bring fun and magic to a wedding. Having them as flower girls or ringbearers can create such special moments that you’ll treasure long after the big day ends. However, it’s also true that keeping them entertained throughout the day can be challenging. Weddings can be long and boring events for young children. Therefore, if you do plan on inviting them, it’s important to have a plan of action to keep them happy and occupied. Here are some great ways to keep little ones entertained.

Plan outdoor games

As long as the weather is on your side, it’s a good idea to arrange outdoor games for young guests. Crondon Park wedding venue has stunning grounds perfect for having fun outside. Old school games such as bowling, giant Jenga and Twister are sure to keep them entertained. You could also pick up some hula hoops, kites and skipping ropes for them to play with.

Arts and crafts corner

An arts and crafts corner will keep children of all ages busy for hours. For younger kids, cover a table in brown paper and then let them draw and scribble on it. If they’re older, buy some art supplies and let them get creative. Pots of crayons, stickers, pipe cleaners, glitter, and playdough are sure to get their artistic juices flowing. Although, we do recommend avoiding paints unless you want to bring a splash of colour to your perfect white dress!

Video game station

Whilst you probably never thought you’d be hooking up your old Nintendo 64 on your wedding day, it could prove a lifesaver for entertaining bored and cranky children. Ask your venue if they have a side room where you can set it up. Alternatively, you could find a company that hires out fantastic retro arcade games. You can expect those big kids on your guest list to request a go too!

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun and easy way to keep children entertained at your wedding. Hide items or treats around the reception room or grounds and send them off to search for them. To make the game even more exciting, you could give them disposable cameras so that they can snap their finds. Make sure you have a prize in store for the winner!

Hire an entertainer

If there will be several children attending your wedding and your budget allows, it’s worth thinking about hiring a professional children’s entertainer. A magician, clown, face painter or even a balloon modeller can keep your kids occupied whilst the grown-ups enjoy some downtime. With an entertainer at your wedding, parents can have a real break. Another option is to enlist the services of a babysitter who can supervise little ones throughout the day.

At Crondon Park, we’re keen to do all we can to help keep your younger guests entertained at your wedding. Talk to our wedding planners today for advice and support.