How To Keep Warm At Your Winter Wedding

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Staying Snug Whatever The Weather

If you’re weighing up how to stay warm during your frosty, festive wedding celebrations, these tips will keep you and your guests happy.

Festive weddings are a real treat. Not only is there the chance of snow on your wedding day, but you also have that feeling of winter merriment in the air and the twinkling of lights which provides you with the most romantic atmosphere to get married in. The only slight doubt you may have about exchanging vows in the winter is the weather. No-one can truly know in advance what the temperature will be like on their big day, but the chances are that it may be cold! With this in mind, you’ll need to come up with some ideas to keep you and your guests warm throughout your celebrations.

Bridal Wear

Starting with the bride, as all eyes will be on you, there are plenty of bridal options available for winter weddings which will allow you to keep warm throughout the day. You might opt for a faux fur stole, shawl, shrug or jacket to complement your outfit. Not only will you look chic and incredibly wintery, but you’ll stay nice and toasty, so there won’t be a hint of a grimace during your photos. If you’re worried about this type of accessory affecting the look of your dress, then remember you can easily slip it on and off as required. Enlist the help of a trusty bridesmaid to hold your shawl for you at those key moments, but remember also that kitting your bridal team out with similar accessories will keep everyone happy.

Warming Drinks

Champagne is a must at any wedding, but some warming drinks will go down a treat during winter. If you’re having a drinks reception following the ceremony, then hot chocolate and mulled wine are very popular choices with wedding guests, particularly if there are outdoor photos to wait around for. Just remember that these types of drinks are particularly strong coloured, so if you’re wearing white then make sure you stay well away from them.


Guests really appreciate details that show you’ve thought about their comfort. Hopefully, they’ll have planned their own outfits with care, opting for a thick winter coat and stylish boots as part of their ensemble. But you can provide them with a little extra snuggle by dishing out blankets too. If you plan to get married in a church, then be aware that these can be particularly cold during winter. A simple basket of blankets at the entrance of the church with a sign saying ‘To have and to hold, in case you get cold’ is a wonderful touch and a fantastic talking point.

Adding Warming Details To Your Reception

Another great way to keep everyone warm whilst adding plenty of texture to your wedding is to experiment with decorative accessories that are cosy too. Although your reception venue will be warm at any time of year, you can still make the most of the season by adding some festive finishing touches. Why not add a faux fur seat cover to the back of each guests chair so that they can slip it over their laps during the evening? Candles and lanterns are also a great way to set the mood and romance for your celebrations.

Although your winter wedding may be held on a cold day, you can keep the pretty frost and snow for your photos and make sure that you and your guests have a fantastic, festive wedding day.