How To Take The Pressure Off The First Dance

first dance

Tips For The Perfect Wedding Dance Performance

If you’ve got two left feet and serious jitters about the first dance at your wedding, follow these tips to put you back in your comfort zone.

The first dance at a wedding typically follows the tradition of formal balls, where the hosts would open the celebrations before inviting their guests to the floor. However, some believe the ritual dates back further to a time when the groom would ‘steal’ his bride and then parade her around the fire to music before the nuptials. Although the first dance at modern-day weddings is less dramatic, it seems as though the event has always been one prone to nerves. But with a little planning, there’s every reason why it can be a relaxed affair and a really enjoyable part of your wedding day.

Deciding On The Type Of Dance

Social media is filled with examples of amazing first dances where the bride and groom have wowed their guests with a complex choreographed routine. These are great fun, but if you’re at all nervous about the first dance at intimate wedding venues in essex, then this type of performance is likely to add more stress to your wedding day. Instead, you can simply decide whether you’d prefer a romantic slow dance with your new spouse, or if you’d rather opt for a first dance alternative.

Perfecting The Slow Dance

If you’ve always dreamed of the first dance at your wedding being a slow, smoochy number, then don’t let the moment pass even if you’ve got jitters about all eyes being on you. The key is to pick a song you both love and to practice dancing to it! You might even ask someone to film you, so that you can work on details such as plenty of eye contact, remembering to smile, and ensuring your posture isn’t too hunched.

If you feel you’ve got two left feet, then it’s a great idea to sign up for dance lessons which will help you learn some tips to stop treading on each other, and perhaps you can even work in a couple of twirls and lifts if you’re feeling adventurous. But really, the guests are only expecting you to embrace and whisper sweet nothings to each other. At a certain point in your song, you can gesture to your guests to join you on the dance floor which takes the pressure off immensely.

Away With Tradition

Alternatively, if the first dance really does fill you with dread, why not use this as an opportunity to take it in an entirely different direction? Weddings are all about the individuality of couples and the unique moments that feature during their celebrations. For a wedding to remember, you could opt for a ceilidh and have the wedding dance as a group number, with all your family and friends lined up alongside you. Alternatively, if you fancy yourself as more of a singer than a dancer, then you could open the evening reception with a husband and wife karaoke track. Another idea is to begin with a group conga or hokey-cokey; getting everyone involved really is the key to reducing any feeling that you’re the centre of attention.

Your wedding should be a special day filled with laughter and memories – don’t let your first dance be a cause of anxiety. Think outside the box, practice it again and again, and then just let the moment take over.