Photo Opportunity Ideas For Your Wedding

Newly weds with confetti

The photos are considered an important part of any wedding; leaving you with framed photos taking pride of place in your home or an album to reach for when you fancy reminiscing. This should be an enjoyable part of your wedding day, but for many, it can be an added stress in the planning process. Let’s talk about how to pick your perfect photographer and discuss some photo ideas that will work at your chosen wedding venue on your big day…

Choosing a photographer

Before you think about what photos you want, you need to hire a photographer. There’s plenty of choice with an abundance of great wedding photographers out there. A good starting point is consulting your venue for a recommendation. As a wedding venue in Essex, we are happy to advise you on local wedding photographers that have previously worked with our couples and know Crondon Park well.

Chatting to your recently married friends is another way to learn about quality photographers – word of mouth and testimonials from trusted sources is the best way to go if you’re struggling to pick someone. Always make sure you look at a photographer’s past work to see if it fits your style.

Some couples choose to have engagement photos, which can help you build a good relationship with a photographer and quash some nerves about shooting with them.

Idea one: the pre-wedding

The build-up to the wedding is filled with nerves, excitement and lots of touching moments ready to be photographed.

Whether it’s your bridal party seeing you in your dress for the first time, a pre-ceremony drink with your parents or the final minutes before you tie the knot. Ask your photographer to be around while you’re getting ready to snap these intimate memories.

Idea two: the confetti shot

It’s the epitome of wedding photography and the one that everyone wants to nail.

Confetti shots are beautiful due to the explosion of colour and the look of pure joy on the newlyweds’ faces. This photo opportunity always comes out great because it’s not staged. This is a tradition at a wedding that is celebrated between the couple and the guests – it’s fun for everyone involved! A good photographer will be lingering out of view ready to snap away capturing the moment perfectly.

Idea three: the venue photos

After all the planning and effort you put into getting your wedding venue ready, it’s only right you have some photos to look back on. Talk to your photographer about taking some photos of the barn and ceremony room before it fills with guests.

Idea four: the ones with props

If you’re feeling nervous about posing for photos, then getting some props involved can help. Using items like balloons, sparklers or drinks can give you something to do with your hands and help you feel less awkward. 

We hope you feel inspired to work with your photograph to create some magical photos to cherish forever!