Save Money With These DIY Wedding Tips

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Creative Ideas To Add A Little Flair To Your Celebrations

Learn how to save thousands in your wedding budget when you commit to these DIY ideas.

The average cost of a UK wedding is now in excess of £16,000 according to wedding app, Bridebook. This doesn’t take into account either the cost of an engagement ring or the honeymoon. With furloughed employees and redundancies during the pandemic, many engaged couples may struggle to come up with this sort of figure to host the wedding of their dreams. If your wedding has been postponed, you can use the extra time as an engaged couple to save some extra cash. You can also follow these fabulous DIY wedding tips to make some more room in your wedding budget.

Making Your Own Decorations

Instead of paying for a wedding stylist, or forking out for expensive centrepieces and accessories, you can save a fortune by making your own DIY decorations. Not only do handmade accessories provide that personal touch to your celebrations, but they also fit in fantastically well with the rustic mood of your barn wedding venue Essex location. You might opt for tree stumps as the base of your centrepieces, or use DIY solar lights in jam jars you’ve collected. It’s also really simple to print out largescale lettering to create ‘Just married’ or ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’ signage.

Arranging Your Own Flowers

Both florists and flower arrangers can charge a hefty fee for their services. There’s quite a difference between a professionally arranged tight arrangement of flowers and a more relaxed style of bouquet or centrepiece. If you’re happy with an informal look, it’s simple to create your own table arrangements. You might still choose for a florist to supply the flowers, or else you’ll need to gather your own, along with foliage. An alternative is to purchase cheap artificial flowers online. The beauty of this idea is that you won’t need to do any last-minute arranging as synthetic petals are built to last.

Budding Bakers

If you’d like your cake to take centre stage at your reception, you’ll usually need to set aside at least £350 for a two-tier cake, or upwards of £550 for a three-tier creation. If there are any budding bakers in the family, then this might be the time to ask them to practice their icing skills. Make sure there are plenty of rehearsal runs so that the baker of choice doesn’t struggle with a voluminous cake that collapses under pressure. A pretty alternative to a traditional wedding cake, is to opt for a tiered selection of beautifully iced cupcakes. These can look spectacular and of course are easy to distribute.

Wedding Invitations

There’s no reason in the world why couples can’t save a few hundred pounds on the design and printing of their wedding invitations. Watercolour invitations are really simple for novices to create, but if you have more of an artistic flair, then you might try your hand at some calligraphy. Prefer to stick to a more digitised approach? There are multiple programs available online to help you start from scratch to create a sophisticated invitation.

There are thousands of pounds to be saved on the cost of a UK wedding if you really commit to seeking out those DIY options. Have fun expressing your creativity and your guests will simply love the personal touches you’ve introduced to your celebrations.