Seven Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

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How to plan your wedding for the most romantic day of the year

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, is the day of celebrating love and romance, so what better time to have your wedding? Here are seven ways to theme your marriage celebrations around the day of love…

Choose a red and pink colour scheme

Easily tap into the Valentine’s theme by using red and pink as your main colour palette. These two colours invoke feelings of romance and go together seamlessly. Both pink and red are complemented by white, green, silver and gold – making them flexible colours for flowers and decorative details in your wedding venue Essex.

Pick roses as your main flower

Roses, particularly those in a shade of deep red and presented in a bouquet of twelve, have strong connotations with love and Valentine’s Day. Adding roses to your floral bouquets and arrangements is a strong way to honour the holiday.

Use heart-shaped props and embellishments

If you’re really going to go for the Valentine’s theme, then fill the venue with your heart-shaped items. This unmistakable nod to the day of love can be done in many ways; including balloons, floral wreaths, decorative pieces and details on your suit, dress and shoes.

Go for a pink dress

Forget traditional white or ivory and pick a dress in a colour that Cupid himself would appreciate; pink. Go bold with fuchsia, pretty with rose pink or subtle with a pale, nearly-white pink. Continue this theme through your bridesmaid’s dresses with a matching pink or contrasting red and those wearing suits can join in too with coloured ties and pocket squares.

Incorporate Valentine’s cards

The exchanging of Valentine’s cards is undoubtedly one of the most common traditions surrounding February 14th, so including this on your big day is a must. Use cards to present your order of service or menu. You could give a card to each guest – the envelope doubling up as their name card on the table – which is a great way to add a personalised message to each person and thank them for their attendance.

Theme your food and cake

This is an opportunity to be creative and to have fun with your food and drink choices. Keep it simple by having a heart-shaped wedding cake or go all out by having a fully themed menu with matching cocktails. Foods associated with romance include oysters, steak and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

A custom love song playlist

The music choices are an important part of planning any wedding as the songs help set the mood and create atmosphere. To ensure love is in the air, select well-known love songs or only songs with ‘love’ in the title. Take it up a notch by having live performers, such as a string quartet or harpist – which are associated with romance.


Whether you’re looking to make a small acknowledgement of the February 14th festivities or hold a Valentine themed bonanza, you should have some ideas on where to get started.


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