Seven Ways to Incorporate Lighting into Your Wedding Venue

Silver themed wedding hall Baronial

How to brighten your wedding venue with lovely lighting

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your wedding venue with lighting. Simple and affordable touches can create a wonderful ambience and an impactful impression on your guests. Here are seven ways to incorporate lighting into your venue…

Festoon lighting

Particularly popular outside, festoon lighting provides a wonderful effect. The vintage-style of the big bulbs on a string garland provokes a feeling of nostalgia and offers a magical ambience. At our award winning wedding venue here in the Essex countryside, we have a beautiful outside space that festoon lighting would complement.


Candles are a fantastic way to decorate a wedding venue, because not only do they bring a lovely soft glow, but they have a romantic connotation too. Tall, white pillar candles make an impact and work really well in a barn setting – especially paired with lush green foliage. Ensure your burning of candles is safe by placing each candle in a holder taller than the flame (glass holders work well as you can still see the candle in all its beauty).


Using sparklers can be an entertaining way to end the evening; it’s great fun for the kids and often encourages all the guests to get involved. They can also provide a lovely photo opportunity. You can even take it a step up with small firework displays to impress your guests.

Large light bulb letters

If you want to make an impact on your guests then some large light bulb letters should do the trick. These have become popular over the last few years and couples often select to have their initials (like “A&B”) or wedding-related words like “LOVE” or “I DO”. Their placement is completely up to you but they look great at the back of the dance floor.

Fairy light backdrops

Using a wall of fairy lights to create a backdrop can act as multiple different things. It can make a divider to separate a room, create a beautiful photo backdrop or simply be an attractive focal point. Complement with strings of fairy lights in other places around the venue and make sure you choose the same light colour (such as warm yellow or cool white) for a cohesive look.

Edison bulbs

Retro Edison bulbs with exposed filaments have become a staple wedding decoration – and work particularly well in barn venues, such as the Baronial Hall at Crondon Park. The ways in which these bulbs can be used is endless and inventive; from chandeliers to canopies to tabletop decorations.

Neon lighting

If you’re looking to take a less traditional route, then a more trendy option is neon lighting. A big attraction of neon lights is that they’re fully customisable and also look good in houses – meaning you can repurpose them in your home after the big day. You can also opt for pre-made words and symbols, like hearts.

We hope you gain some inspiration on how some simple lighting additions can transform the atmosphere of the venue. We hope you take a look around Crondon Park and consider it for your wedding day.