Should Mobile Phones Be Banned From Wedding Ceremonies?

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The tech-free trend taking weddings by storm

Mobile phones can be a big distraction at a wedding, so should you consider going ‘unplugged’ for your big day?

These days we rarely go anywhere without our smart phones. They are almost an extension of ourselves, enabling us to stay connected, take photographs, listen to music, as well as take part in a multitude of other activities.

However, an increasing number of couples are bucking the trend and are banning mobile phones in a bid to enjoy an ‘unplugged’ wedding.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a technology ban for your big day.

Live in the moment

Research has shown that spending too much time on our phone can leave us distracted and unable to concentrate – and you certainly don’t want that for your wedding day. After all, looking up from your vows to see your cousin Jenny scrolling through Twitter can be pretty disheartening. Banning phones helps to remove distractions, ensuring that people live in the moment and give your wedding the attention it deserves.

Prioritise professional photos

You’ve most likely paid a lot of money for your professional photographer, so the last thing you want is for your photographs to be full of people looking at their screens or holding up their phones rather than enjoying the ceremony and reception. Even worse, as your guests try to snap you on their mobile phones, they are likely to get in the photographer’s way, potentially spoiling that perfect shot of you and your new spouse.

Preserve privacy

Another drawback of allowing guests to take photos is that, all too often, these photos end up on social media before the ceremony is even over.  This can be irritating, particularly if you would prefer the first photos shared of your wedding to be the ones taken by a professional photographer. It is even more annoying if you have additional guests coming in the evening who get to see your dress splashed over Facebook before they get to see you in person. A mobile ban gives you back some control over how, when and where your wedding photos are shared.

Encourage socialising

Weddings should be about people socialising, chatting and having fun. The last thing you want is for people to be glued to their phones, checking Facebook or finding that perfect filter for their Instagram posts. Putting a ban on mobile phones gives your guests more time for talking, mingling, dancing, and enjoying the atmospheric setting of Crondon’s wedding venue Essex.

Consider a compromise

Crondon Park Wedding selfieIf banning phones for the entire wedding seems a little drastic to you, why not settle for a compromise and ban mobile phones at the wedding ceremony but allow guests to get snap-happy during the wedding reception? That way you can allow your family and friends some photographic freedom but still, keep an element of control. In our experience, guests often capture some great images at the wedding reception, so this approach can be the perfect middle ground.

Breaking the news

If you decide to have a full or partial ban on mobile phones at your wedding, you will need to convey that information to your guests. How you do this is up to you, but it’s best to do it in advance of the wedding so that people have a chance to get used to the idea. Include a message in your invitation or save the date, and remind people on the day with a sign, a written message in the order of service, or an announcement from the officiant – or all three if you really want to make sure people get the message. Be sure to make your wishes, and the reasons behind them, clear, and thank your guests for their understanding.

Unplugged weddings are not for everyone and you have to do what works best for you. But whatever you decide, don’t be afraid to stick to your guns. It’s your day, and you need to do whatever it takes to get the perfect wedding day you’ve envisioned.