Summer Games to Play at Your Wedding Reception

Outdoor view of Crondon Park

Have some fun with outdoor games at your summer wedding

Inject some fun into your summer wedding with some outdoor games on the lawn at Crondon Park wedding venue. Our beautiful outside area is the perfect place to let your hair down, build some friendly competition and provide hours of entertainment…


An instant crowd-pleaser, rounders is sure to get your more active guests on their feet. This team sport is great for bigger guestlists as loads of people can play at once. To make the game more memorable, get personalised wooden bats with your married names and wedding date etched into them.

Giant Jenga

How do you make a game of Jenga even more fun? Super-size it! Giant Jenga is tonnes of fun and a firm favourite for everyone. We all know the rules, so you can just set it up and guests can dip in and out of games at their own pace. Amp it up by writing forfeits on each wooden piece.

Ring toss

One of the best things about this game is that it is cheap and easy to DIY your own. Simply save up empty wine bottles and fill them with sand or stones so they are weighted. Use some bendy wire to create some hoops and you are ready to go. Set it up wherever you have got some space and watch your guests get competitive.

Connect 4

This family favourite is a good one for all ages. The simple rules and quick games will keep guests entertained for hours. Hire a large version of the game that stands at over a metre tall and see who can come out on top by strategizing their way to getting four in a row.

Scavenger hunt

Get creative by organising an epic scavenger hunt for your guests. There are a few different ways to do this. Try devising a set of clues and have guests compete to reach the end before anyone else. Or give your guests a list of things to find around the venue asking them to snap a photo when they do and give a prize to the person who checks them all off first.


Line up your guests, turn up the tunes and start a game of limbo! This is the ideal game to crack out as your evening do starts up, as the fast pace and party theme of limbo always livens up a crowd. It is a great spectator game too, so even those who cannot or do not want to participate will not be left out.

Sports day races

Get your guests in direct competition in a tournament of schools sports day style head-to-heads, from egg and spoon runs to sack and wheelbarrow races. Children will be familiar with the rules and adults will get a dose of nostalgia by racing against each other like back in the day.


Make the most of the outside space at Crondon Park with any of these games.