Summer Wedding? Here’s how to handle the heat

outside view of crondon park wedding venues in essex

A summer wedding in the UK does not always guarantee warm weather, but if you are lucky enough to get sunshine, you will want to make sure the heat does not get too much to handle. Here are a few ways to keep things cool, calm, and collected…

Provide shade

Chances are that if you have opted for a wedding in the warmer months then you are going to be making the most out of your venue’s outdoor spaces. While we encourage you to utilise our gardens at Crondon Park wedding venue, do not forget that not everyone likes to be in direct sunlight. Provide shaded spots for guests to get some respite from the sun. Parasols are great to have ready to hand out to anyone looking for some shade.

Cool down with a drinks reception

There is nothing better than an icy beverage on a warm afternoon, so make sure your drinks reception gives your guests that refreshing hit to cool off after the ceremony. Do not assume everyone wants alcohol – hot weather may have people craving a more hydrating option.

Give handy wedding favours

It is fun to give wedding favours but trust us when we say that your guests do not want to be given useless objects to take home. Instead, give them something worth having. On a warm summer’s day, this could mean a wooden fan, suncream or sunglasses.

Consider the timing of your set-up

Once you have got a clear idea of the weather forecast on your big day, it is time to liaise with your set-up team. Whether this is your venue or an external supplier, it is important to communicate about a good time to set up your flowers to avoid them wilting in the heat. The same goes for your cake; put it on display too soon and you could end up with a melted mess!

Make a ‘cool down kit’

Put members of your bridal party or groomsmen to good use by putting them in charge of a “cool down kit”. This will contain anything you might need to cool off and refresh throughout the day. We are talking: make-up products, blotting paper, tissues, deodorant, wipes and misting sprays. Ask them to routinely check in with you to see if you need a quick rejuvenation at any point. Keep an eye on your guests too – if one of them is looking a bit hot and sweaty kindly offer them access to anything they might need. Better yet, place a basket in the bathrooms and leave a similar collection of items in it for your guests to use.

Stay hydrated

If the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing, it can be easy to become dehydrated. As the wedding couple, it is particularly important for you to keep hydrated. The fast pace of the day can often leave you forgetting about drinking water, but regular sips of H2O will keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all night. Ensure everyone else has access to nice, cold water too!

We hope our tips help you enjoy your hot summer wedding.