Tips for Pregnant Brides

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Are You Sharing Your Wedding Day With Your Bump?

Whether you’re in the first trimester or your third, getting married with a bump on board requires a slightly different approach to your celebrations!

Bringing a baby into the world is a wonderful gift, but if your pregnancy happens to coincide with your wedding then you might have a little extra planning to do. How far along you are on your wedding day as well as who knows about your big news will all play a part in how you approach your celebrations. Here are some top tips to help pregnant brides handle the logistics of getting married with a bump on board!

Accept Help

Planning a wedding can be tiring, but when you’re doing so at the same time as creating a small human, it’s easy to become exhausted. This is where it’s essential for you to rely on the support around you; your wedding venues Essex team will be happy to come up with solutions for any logistical challenges you’re facing and to help with delegating those all-important wedding tasks. Your friends and family may also offer to assist so don’t be afraid to take them up on their kindness.

Planning Your Dress

If you’re going to be quite far along on your wedding day, then you’ll want a dress that shows off your bump. There are some truly stunning bridal maternity dresses available, but whether you go for a custom-made or off-the-rack option, be assured that you can have plenty of dress fittings to ensure that the finished product will accommodate your changing shape. Pregnant ladies certainly don’t need to wear high heels as this might be uncomfortable for the pelvis. Have a word with your boutique to ask about their range of bridal flats.

Embracing Your Pregnancy

Whether you love pregnancy or loathe it, the increase in hormones will provide you with some beautiful physical changes that are easy to embrace on your big day. Pregnancy tends to make the skin glow and creates voluminous shiny hair to ensure you look a million dollars – who doesn’t want this at their wedding?

Managing Your Meals

There’s nothing worse than the constant retching and nausea that comes with the first trimester of pregnancy. If this is your situation, then think carefully about how you’re going to manage your symptoms throughout the day. Nausea tends to be worse when you’re unable to eat frequently, so make sure that you have a willing bridesmaid stash some ginger biscuits in her clutch bag, or whatever your current craving is. If you need to make some last-minute changes to the menu so that you don’t want to serve either seafood or blue cheese for example, then get in touch with your caterers as soon as possible to see what they’re able to do.

Keeping It Secret

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy and don’t quite feel ready to share your news with your entire party of guests, then have a think about how you’re going to pull this off. If your groom is tempted to spill the beans during an emotional speech, then have a firm word beforehand if this is something you’re set against. You might also want to enlist his help, as well as your wedding coordinator, to ensure that you’re served sparkling water or another beverage of your choice instead of the traditional glass of celebratory champagne!

Staying calm in the run-up to your wedding is even more essential when you’re pregnant! Remember to take time out with your partner to relax which will keep your baby’s health and development on track!