Top tips to handle bad weather on your wedding day

crondon park wedding venue in essex at night baronial hall

The British weather can be unpredictable, particularly during the winter months. So, if you’re planning a wedding at this time of year, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality. Whilst rain and wind are unlikely to take the shine of your big day, having a plan in place can make it less stressful and even more enjoyable.

Choose your venue carefully

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony to take advantage of the beautiful winter weather, make sure you choose a venue that offers an indoor option too. Planning to say ‘I do’ in a snowy winter wonderland is one thing but if a storm makes it impossible, you’ll need an alternative. Many wedding venues Essex offer multiple locations for your ceremony and reception and will be happy to adapt according to your needs and wishes. Many will even have summerhouses, canopies, archways or overhanging roofs to provide you with shelter from the elements when outdoors.

Keep an eye on the forecast

In the week leading up to your wedding, make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast. This will allow you to plan accordingly, making sure there are no wet and windy surprises that could ruin your special day. Once you have an idea of what the weather will be doing, you can make tweaks to your plans, including transport, your outfit, and accessories like umbrellas.

Have a wet weather plan

By coming up with a wet weather plan in advance, you can take much of the stress out of your wedding day. Run through every stage of the day and consider whether you might need accessories such as wellies, umbrellas or cosy blankets for guests. You may also want to consider hiring heat lamps or firepits for the day if the weather is set to be particularly cold. We recommend discussing wet weather options with your wedding planner at Crondon Park and your photographer so that you have a plan in place.

Have a kit for make-up and hair touch-ups

Since your hair and makeup are more likely to suffer at a winter wedding, it makes sense to make up a kit containing all you’ll need for touch-ups throughout the day. Wind and rain can play havoc with your appearance, but having a hairbrush, grips, wipes, and spare makeup can help you to stay looking your best throughout the day.

Consider getting wedding insurance

Insurance is widely considered essential for winter weddings. Since the weather can get particularly bad at this time of year, it makes sense to cover yourself should your big day be unable to go ahead. Lots of policies will give you some level of cover should extreme weather put a stop to your wedding. This can save you thousands of pounds that you would have otherwise lost without it.

Every bride dreads bad weather on their wedding day. However, it really doesn’t have to spoil the event that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Plan for a range of scenarios on your big day and make sure you’re prepared for all the British weather has to throw at you.

No matter what the UK weather throws at you on your wedding day, Crondon Park can cater for your dream day.