Wedding entertainment ideas to WOW your guests

fireworks at crondon park wedding venues in essex

Don’t underestimate the importance of great entertainment at your wedding. Whilst people may not remember exactly what the flowers looked like or the taste of the cake, they will certainly remember how much fun they had at the reception! Read on to discover the top wedding entertainment ideas that Crondon Park, one of the most popular wedding venues in Essex, recommends to WOW your guests.


Let’s face it, one of the best parts of a wedding is dancing ‘til your feet ache. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a DJ who can roll out toe-tapping tunes until the early hours. A great DJ will know how to read the room, selecting just the right songs to get everyone energised and up on their feet. We recommend creating a custom playlist so you can select the perfect mix of music. Many couples ask guests to suggest a track to be played at the reception. Doing this can ensure that everyone has at least one song that’s sure to get them on the dancefloor.


Wedding booths have become very popular in recent years, and with good reason. Not only are they a lot of fun but they allow you to capture photos of your guests in a relaxed, no pressure environment. They can strike a pose whilst holding different props to really make a picture really come to life. You may also want to consider more recent innovations, including selfie-stands (or iPad booths) or GIF booths.


If you’re looking for unique entertainment for your wedding, why not hire a magician? They can keep your guests enthralled and amused during slower periods of the day, keeping them from becoming bored. Since magic never fails to get people talking and laughing, it’s ideal for breaking the ice amongst your guests. Magicians are a particularly good choice if you have children attending your wedding.

Live painter

One of the most unique forms of entertainment is live painting. A fantastic alternative to a photobooth, a live painter can capture the most special moments from your wedding. They can paint scenes in real-time using their own art supplies, creating wonderful keepsakes for you or your guests. Imagine owning a custom piece of art that was created on your wedding day – you’re sure to treasure it forever.


Fireworks are the ultimate entertainment for your wedding day. Not only will they provide a spectacular show for you and your guests but they will also make for some truly incredible photographs. A fireworks display can add some serious pizzazz to your big day, however, it’s important to check that your venue will allow it. Surprising everyone with fireworks can be a great way to end the night with a bang! 


Choosing fantastic entertainment for your wedding is crucial for ensuring that everyone has a fun and memorable day. Making sure you hire an interesting and inspiring venue that’s full of character can also keep everyone entertained. At Crondon Park, there are so many beautiful areas for your guests to explore throughout the estate.