Why Are Barn Weddings So Popular?

Teal coloured seat bows in a wedding hall

Six reasons why barn wedding venues are so popular

Barn weddings are all the rage in the UK, and are proving to be one of the most popular types of wedding venue year after year. But why? The team at Crondon Park explore exactly why Brits love a barn wedding venue so much…

They are full of character

A barn wedding venue is brimming with personality – often thanks to a rich history! Many barn spaces now used as a wedding venue used to function as actual barns, meaning they’re full of genuine features that add character and an authentic feel.

They are big

The roomy nature and typically high ceiling of a barn can give you lots of space. This makes this type of wedding venue a popular choice for couples with large guest lists. Even though it’s a grand space, the fact that barn weddings are mostly one big room rather than a lot of smaller rooms, means that they can still feel intimate and full of people – no matter how many guests you invite.

They offer outside space

These types of wedding venues are usually surrounded by outside space that provides a lot of potential for your wedding day. Green lawns, wild meadows and formal gardens are all wonderful to have access to during your celebrations. There are plenty of ways to utilise outdoor areas, from drink receptions, lawn games or as a general seating area in the warmer months.

They are easy to personalise

A barn venue can give you a lovely blank canvas to personalise to your taste and theme. A barn’s characteristic features, such as wooden beams and flooring, complement nearly every theme and colour scheme you can think of so it’s easy to put your own stamp onto the space in a seamless way. Don’t be shy to go all-out with decorations or let the barn’s natural beauty do the talking.

They provide a lot of photo opportunities

Situated in rural locations with green rolling hills and lush countryside, a barn wedding venue will give you so many beautiful settings to take memorable photos of your big day. Attractive both inside and out, so you won’t run out of photo opportunities.

It’s all happening in one place

Barns usually offer one big space where all the magic takes place. This is great because it means all of your guests will be in one area which can help create a feeling of togetherness and generate a good atmosphere. Having all your guests easily accessible will make it easier for you to do the rounds chatting with everyone – and the guests should feel like they’ve been able to celebrate closely with you too.


Due to these many sought after features and their ability to cater to many different styles of wedding, barn wedding venues will continue to be popular going forward.