Why You Should Book A Virtual Tour of Your Wedding Venue

Crondon Park wedding hall white

Arrange A Live Broadcast of Crondon Park

Couples who can’t visit Crondon Park in person are welcome to arrange a virtual tour of our venue and grounds.

The pandemic has made it challenging for couples to progress with their wedding plans. But Crondon Park is here to offer a helping hand for those who are newly engaged and excited to plan their special day.

If you’re ready to look at wedding venues, but can’t physically attend in person, then how about booking a virtual tour of your wedding venue instead? By taking a live broadcast tour of Crondon, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to our wedding coordinator as they take you around our entire venue.

Access All Areas of Crondon Park

Booking a broadcast tour with us gives you a chance to inspect every nook and cranny of our British Wedding Awards-winning venue. We’ve hosted weddings here for 25 years and are incredibly proud of our venue, which is why we’re delighted to be able to show it in all its glory during a virtual tour. Instead of just seeing a few edited shots, we’ll provide you with access to the entire property, including the Baronial Hall, the Granary Bridal suite, the Ryder Room which is licensed for civil weddings and of course our stunning grounds.

Admire The Details

When you look around our wedding venue, you’ll be blown away by the charm and beauty of Crondon Park. From the exposed ship timber beams in our Tudor, Jacobean barn to the spectacular landscape outside, you’re bound to get butterflies in your stomach when you virtually stroll around. We’ll be able to show you the little details too, such as our exquisite chair covers and the relaxed atmosphere in our barn which you can enjoy when you dance the night away.

Listing Your Priorities

Before taking a tour of Crondon, it’s worth making a list of priorities for your wedding day. You can discuss these with our wedding coordinator team, and you might like to keep your list with you as a reminder throughout the live broadcast. If you require certain accessibility options or want to know how the venue will be dressed for winter weddings or another season of the year, then these are all important questions to consider during your tour. You might also be interested in finding out more about how post-wedding breakfasts work, which are an option when you book your wedding at Crondon Park.

Sharing The Tour With Your Photographer

If you’re booking a professional photographer for your wedding at Crondon Park, then it could be useful for them to have a good look around our venue before the big day too. Booking a virtual tour for your photographer allows them to get a great idea of where the natural light sources are, the best areas for outdoor shots and how any group or overhead shots might work.

Whether you’ve recently become engaged or have already booked to host your wedding at Crondon Park, we’d be delighted to arrange a virtual tour for you by appointment. Book a live show round by calling 01277 843034.