World Photography Day 2021: Let’s Talk Wedding Photography

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Everything you need to know about wedding photographers

As we celebrate World Photography Day on 19th August 2021, let’s talk about wedding photographers, whether you need one and how much you should spend…

Do you need a wedding photographer?

So you have set the date and browsed wedding venues in Essex and found the right one for you, now you will need to make a decision about your wedding photos. Most couples want to document their wedding, but what is the right way for you?

The obvious choice is hiring a professional wedding photographer, but the expense often leads people to have friends or family snap photos for them instead. Or opting for an alternative idea, like the informal approach of giving guests access to disposable cameras. But is a professional photographer worth the investment?

Why does a wedding photographer cost so much?

In the UK, couples spend on average £1,500 on wedding photography. If you are not in the wedding photography industry this might seem expensive, but there is a lot that goes into being a wedding photographer and providing a good service.

Firstly, a wedding photographer needs to know what they are doing. This knowledge will come from degrees, paid courses, experience and practice. Then they need all the professional equipment – and this is not just a camera! They will need batteries, memory cards, lenses, flashes and more.

They do a lot more than just take photos on the day

A photographer also has a lot of admin and prep work to do. They should chat with you about what you are expecting from their work and any must-have shots you want. Some photographers like to be given a face sheet, with headshots of the important guests you want to feature heavily in your pictures. Often photographers like to get an understanding of the venue, by visiting it themselves or by chatting with them on the phone.

Obviously, your wedding day is the most important part of the process, but your photographer still has a lot of hours of work to do after they have packed up and gone home. They will spend on average 8-12 hours culling and editing their photos. This also requires access to more equipment, from computer systems to hard drives and editing software.

The advantages of hiring a professional photographer

Once you understand the process and everything that goes into professional wedding photography, it is easy to understand the price. Despite this, you might still be questioning whether you have room in your budget, so here is a list of advantages that might help you decide:

– You are guaranteed great results; make sure you view their portfolio of past work before booking.

– The photos will be to a high standard.

– Their professional manner will make you feel at ease and capture all the important moments.

– They will fit seamlessly into your day giving you nothing to worry about.


Ultimately, it is up to you whether you need to hire a professional photographer, but most industry people will recommend making this a priority if you can. If you need any advice our wedding team here at Crondon Park would be happy to introduce a number of great people in Essex.