5 advantages of a countryside wedding venue

outside view of crondon park wedding venues in essex

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding is which venue to choose. With so many fantastic options available to you, (including our very own Essex wedding venue) this isn’t always easy. However, many couples will agree that a countryside location is ideal, with a rural setting highly desirable for a number of reasons. Read on to find out the advantages of a countryside wedding venue.

1.      Stunning scenery

One of the biggest benefits of saying ‘I do’ in the countryside is the stunning scenery. A rural wedding venue offers the most picturesque setting to celebrate your nuptials, offering incredible views from all angles. Crondon Park was voted the ‘Best Countryside Wedding Venue in Britain’ making us well worth considering. We can supply the perfect rural backdrop for your special day.

2.      Incredible wedding photos

When you choose a countryside wedding venue, you can expect your photographer to capture some truly breathtaking photos of your big day. With stunning scenery and plenty of space to take big group shots outdoors without people getting in the way, he or she will be able to get as creative as they like. The opportunities really are endless when it comes to taking wedding photos in a countryside venue.

Crondon's Barn Wedding Venue in Essex

3.      A tranquil atmosphere

There are few things more relaxing than spending time in the countryside, so why not have your wedding in the heart of it? The rolling hills, trees and beautifully manicured gardens combine to create a truly tranquil atmosphere for your big day, helping everyone to feel happy and peaceful. As you step outside into our splendid grounds, you can listen to the sound of bird song rather than the sound of traffic racing past.

4.      More space

Another benefit of countryside wedding venues is that they tend to be more much more spacious than city venues. This means that you can accommodate more guests, ensuring you don’t need to leave anyone off the list simply because the venue isn’t big enough. Many rural wedding venues Essex are expansive, with several beautiful buildings sprawled across wide-ranging estates. There’s also plenty of parking at countryside venues too, which isn’t something to be taken for granted when you’re inviting hundreds of guests!

5.      Luxury accommodation

Since countryside wedding venues are usually so extensive, it goes without saying that they can usually provide a range of luxury accommodation. This not only includes an opulent Bridal Suite but rooms for guests too. Wedding venues with accommodation allow your guests to let their hair down and dance the night away, relaxed in the knowledge that their room is only a stone’s throw away. At Crondon Park, we have a luxurious Bridal Suite which is situated in its own detached cottage in a secluded location. We also offer five other bedrooms for guests which are ideal for your wedding party.


If you’re seeking one of the finest countryside wedding venues in Essex, look no further than Crondon Park. Situated in the picturesque village of Stock, we are the first-choice for couples looking to say their vows in an incredible rural setting, and our barn wedding venue provides the perfect backdrop for rustic wedding ceremonies.

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