7 Drinks and Cocktail Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

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Summer wedding drinks to get the party started

If you want to add some oomph to your summer wedding or drinks reception, we have got 7 ideas for fun and fresh drinks and cocktails. Whatever your style, these beverages are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests. From ice lollies served in a glass to one of a kind cocktail recipes and slushies, there is something for everyone. Serve any of these at your wedding to make your reception stand out from the crowd…

Prosecco with an added pop

This Italian fizzy wine is a crowd-pleaser, which is why it is a popular choice for welcome drinks or toasts at weddings. Serve it simple with a traditional pour into a fluted glass or add some sparkle with a Prosecco bar. Set up an area with fun extras like fresh juices, fruits, edible glitter and let your guests create their perfect mimosa.

Frozen lollipop cocktails

Get your guests talking by serving them fruity cocktails with delicious ice lollies. They can choose to let the frozen lollipop melt into the glass to create a tasty drink or enjoy their ice lolly and sip their drink after. These drinks look impressive and are the perfect way to cool down on a sunny afternoon.

Signature cocktails

Get creative and come up with your own cocktails recipe unique to you. Figure out your favourite alcoholic drink and add juices and garnishes to make a tasty beverage. Do not forget to think of a memorable name for your concoction. Use your own name, a pet’s name or an important place to come up with something punny and amusing.

Punch bowls and cocktail taps

To make life easier for your bar staff or caterers, pick a drinks recipe that is easy to make in big batches. We are talking alcoholic fruit punches, summer Pimms, Sangria and mojitos. Serve them in big bowls or glass dispensers with taps and let guests help themselves.

‘Adult’ lemonade

Fresh, still lemonade is super refreshing and the perfect thirst quencher for a warm summer day. Give it an extra kick with alcoholic spirits and fruit syrups. Try recipes like raspberry lemonade by adding raspberry syrup and Chambord or peach and mint lemonade with peach schnapps, peach syrup and mint leaves.

Buckets of booze

This is one for weddings with a laid back vibe. Fill any large vessel, like buckets or wheelbarrows, with loads of ice and then top them up with your favourite bottled beverages. You can add beers, pre-prepared cocktails and soft drinks. Invite your guests to grab a drink and make sure there are bottle openers on hand!

Slushie machines

Hire a slushie machine to make tasty, frozen drinks. If you are a tequila fan, then try lime margaritas. Or sip mango daiquiris if you like a fruitier taste. For something a bit different, serve frośe – a twist on a traditional rośe wine that is frozen and mixed with a sweet strawberry flavour.


A good selection of drinks is an important part of any wedding, so think about what will go down well with everyone when you are picking out your bar offerings. If the weather is warm, make sure there is plenty of water too!

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