Top photography tips for a December wedding

Crondon Park Wedding Photos

December weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they usually more affordable but they can also be incredibly romantic. Imagine saying ‘I do’ in a warm and cosy venue as the snow falls outside. However, the winter weather can pose challenges for photographers that need to be addressed. Read on for our top winter wedding photography tips.

Choose the right photographer

Whilst this may seem obvious, it’s important to consider that not every photographer will be experienced in winter weddings. They are harder to photograph than summer weddings and require a certain set of skills. When looking for a photographer for your big day, ask them to show you at least two wedding galleries they’ve photographed during the winter. This will help you to understand their competence level and decide if you like their style.

Protect the camera gear

Any experienced photographer will recognise the need to protect their camera gear whilst shooting a winter wedding. Cold weather puts stress on photography equipment, potentially causing malfunctions and poor-quality photos. The main problem is condensation resulting from the camera, lenses, and batteries being exposed to cold air for a lengthy period of time. To prevent this, it’s important that the photographer acclimates their gear after spending time outdoors. One way to do this is to store it in a good, well-sealed camera bag whilst it adapts to room temperature.

Account for the lack of light

Light plays a key role in photography. Photographers are experts in playing with and manipulating light to create the most amazing images. However, winter photography can be more challenging since the days are significantly shorter. The skies often become dark as early as 4.30pm in December. Wedding photographers need to keep this in mind when planning a wedding photoshoot. A good tip is to check how your wedding venue is lit once it gets dark. Is there outdoor lighting? If it’s a dry hire venue, you may want to consider hiring some awesome lighting.

Add colour to photographs

Winter immediately conjures up images of white, grey, silver and blue. However, it’s important to know that these shades don’t need to dominate your wedding photographs. The best wedding photographers know how to add vibrant colours to photos to add interest and excitement. Evergreen is a good option, particularly if there are a number of Christmas trees in the venue. Red and gold are also good festive colours to incorporate into winter wedding photos.

Have a bad weather plan in place

Winter weather can often be unpredictable, often veering from sunshine to rain to heavy snowfall. If the weather isn’t on your side on your big day, it’s important to have a plan in place. Does your wedding venue have suitable space inside for photographs to be taken? Talk to your photographer about how to proceed if the winter weather is miserable rather than magical! 

Crondon Park wedding venue has been helping couples get hitched for many years. Set in the stunning valley of Crondon, with incredible views across the Essex countryside, it’s the perfect place to get married. There are so many wonderful spaces both inside the venue and within the grounds to take incredible photographs on your winter wedding day.