Choosing The Best Music For Your Wedding

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Song Choices To Set The Mood

From musical surprises to reading the lyrics, the vibe of your wedding is enhanced with the right selection of tunes.

Your choice of music is key to creating atmosphere at your wedding. The right song can bring a tear to the eye during a ceremony, spark romance during a champagne reception and get everyone up on their feet later in the evening. Although there are thousands of music playlists available for inspiration, the best wedding music will be personal to you as a couple, helping you to stamp individuality on your big day!

Ceremony Music

Your selection of ceremony music will largely depend on whether you’re getting married in a civil or religious venue. Whereas hymns and classical music will be the preferred choice in a church wedding, civil ceremonies often allow pop songs, with some even opting for Queen’s ‘The Wedding March’ from Flash Gordon as their entrance music! In both cases though, you’ll need to determine the number of songs to choose for your ceremony. Will you have music playing as the guest arrives? Perhaps a song whilst signing the register, and of course entrance and exit music. Wedding venues in Essex offer plenty of flexibility to accommodate your musical choices and create the vibe you’re looking for.

A Musical Surprise

If you want to give your guests a treat, don’t be afraid to deliver a few musical surprises. You may want to create your own YouTube-worthy dance number with members of your bridal party acting out a pre-choregraphed routine, or perhaps the bride and groom could do a karaoke number instead of a first dance. Musical surprises are fantastic fun and help to create those everlasting memories, so get your thinking cap on and go with an idea that fits you as a couple.

Check The Lyrics

All couples have songs that mean something to them, whether it’s a tune that was playing the night they met, or a song they shared their first dance to. If you’re going to take a trip down memory lane and play a meaningful track at your wedding, you may want to check the lyrics out first. For example, ‘Every Breath You Take’ by the Police is often a favourite at weddings, but Sting has spoken out to explain that the record is actually about jealousy and obsession. Another song ‘Band of Gold’ by Freda Payne sounds like it should be about a wedding ring, but actually it’s about a couple who split up on their wedding night!

Evening Music

A first dance is not something that comes naturally to every couple – but the great thing about it is that you can pick a song that you both love, and have a bit of practice beforehand to make sure toes aren’t stepped on and no-one falls over. Traditionally, the bride and groom opt for a slow dance, but if this isn’t your thing there’s nothing to stop you going for an up-tempo number and inviting everyone to the dancefloor with you.

When it comes to music, remember that you don’t need to be restricted to wedding songs you’ve heard a million times before. Think about the atmosphere you want to set, add in your own stamp of personality and you’ll have a wedding that you and your guests will remember for an eternity.