The Etiquette of Asking for Wedding Gifts

What To Give The Happy Couple As couples are getting married at an older age, the traditional gift registry options are experiencing a shift in popularity. Along with the pressure of what to wear to a wedding, how to get there and where to stay overnight, guests also have the pressure of working out what…
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Make The Most Of Your Wedding Tasting

Are You Ready To Sample Your Wedding Menu? Check out these top tips for a taste-bud tingling wedding tasting menu experience! The food you serve at your wedding plays a huge part in the happiness of your guests. Weddings can be a long day for your friends and family who may have travelled from far…
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Choosing The Perfect Favours for Your Essex Wedding

How Would You Like Your Guests To Remember Your Day? Wedding favours are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for their attendance. Will you opt for traditional favours or a modern alternative? Wedding favours are one of those details that give guests something to talk about and help to tie your celebrations together. Weddings…
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Designing The Perfect Seating Plan For Your Wedding

Keeping Your Guests Happy At The Reception Couples can spend hours perfecting their reception seating plan – take a few shortcuts with these top tips! A wedding reception meal lasts for at least a couple of hours and forms a significant part of your day. As the bride and groom, you’ll want your wedding guests…
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Choosing The Best Music For Your Wedding

Song Choices To Set The Mood From musical surprises to reading the lyrics, the vibe of your wedding is enhanced with the right selection of tunes. Your choice of music is key to creating atmosphere at your wedding. The right song can bring a tear to the eye during a ceremony, spark romance during a…
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Creating The Guest List for Your Essex Wedding

Who Will You Invite To Your Big Day? Whatever the size of your wedding, you’ll have some serious thinking to do when it comes to the guest list. If you’re feeling anxious about working out who to invite to your wedding, then you won’t be the first happy couple to experience a mix of nerves,…
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Upcoming Trends In The Wedding Industry

Draw Inspiration From These Contemporary Ideas If you prefer to shy away from traditions and want more of a contemporary vibe to your celebrations, check out these trending wedding ideas. Your wedding is very much about letting your personality shine through and picking a style that suits you. The latest wedding trends draw inspiration from…
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