Choosing The Perfect Favours for Your Essex Wedding

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How Would You Like Your Guests To Remember Your Day?

Wedding favours are a thoughtful way to thank your guests for their attendance. Will you opt for traditional favours or a modern alternative?

Wedding favours are one of those details that give guests something to talk about and help to tie your celebrations together. Weddings can be expensive for guests to attend, when they might spend money on travel costs, a new outfit, hair and makeup and presents for the happy couple. So, providing your guests with favours is a thoughtful way to thank them for attending your wedding and being part of your special day.

Traditional Wedding Favours

A tradition that originated in Italy, but is carried out across many parts of Europe, is to give each wedding guest a small bag or pouch containing five sweet almonds. The significance of this gift is that the number five cannot be divided and therefore represents a strong union. Each of the almonds symbolises fertility, health, happiness, wealth and a long life which makes it the perfect favour to give to your guests if you wish to go with a tradition steeped in history.

A Modern Approach

However, as with many wedding traditions, modern favours now have a more contemporary twist. Some opt to give each of their guests a Lotto ticket in the hope that good fortune will strike. Another take on this is to give each guest a raffle ticket towards a luxury hamper draw before you cut the cake! Seeds to plant in the garden are another wonderful keepsake that is eco-friendly and a long-lasting way for your guests to remember the wonderful time they experienced at your wedding.

Some couples choose to work in details that incorporate the theme of the wedding – if you’re having a winter wedding for example, then you might choose to provide each guest with a personalised sprig of mistletoe to encourage some smooching on the dancefloor. These also make for perfect informal photograph opportunities at wedding venues in Essex.

DIY Gifts

Wedding favours don’t have to be expensive, and if you’re willing to put the time and effort in, it’s possible to create your own. Jars of food, drink or handmade soaps tend to be well received. Some brides and grooms even create their own Sloe Gin by foraging for sloe berries during the summer months, and then maturing the fruit along with a bottle of gin and some caster sugar for around a year for best results.

Charitable Gifts

There is a school of thought that wedding favours are a waste of money, even the DIY variety which might include the cost of containers or labels. If you have the money to spare in your budget, there are plenty of charities both locally in Essex or nationwide, that would be happy to receive a wedding favour charity contribution from you. Making this decision can help you to stay grounded about your wedding and solidify the values that you and your new spouse have as a couple.

Choosing wedding favours can be fun and a fantastic way to tie up the theme of your day. Now is the time to think about what your guests would like to receive, and how much you’re willing to spend towards this thoughtful keepsake from your special day.

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