Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

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Delicious Cake Choices To Satisfy Every Taste

Chocolate, cheese or buttercream? What type of wedding cake will fit in with your special day?

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most traditional parts of your wedding day, which is why it is an important centrepiece at your reception. Couples often have their cake on display throughout their wedding breakfast, awaiting the moment when guests will gather round to watch and take photos as they slice into a tier of the cake. Of course, there are many different types of wedding cake to suit your celebrations. Depending on the size of your celebrations, the season, your budget and personal preferences, you’ll be amazed at the breadth of tastes and designs on offer.

Getting The Size Right

The number of guests attending your wedding is an important factor in determining the size and style of cake you need. The size of base and number of tiers you’ll need will be very different with a reception size of 50 guests in comparison to 200 guests. So, try and wait until you’ve received your RSVPs or at least had positive verbal responses from your save-the-dates before you finalise your cake details. With that being said, the best cake suppliers will get booked up in advance, so there’s no harm in securing the date with your favourite, then confirming the details later.

If you have a large number of guests, then you can afford to be extravagant with your choice of cake design. A tall cake with plenty of tiers can look simply divine, whilst ensuring that every guest receives a slice! Alternatively, a tower of cupcakes is a great way to offer individual portions and can double as favours.

Seasonal Choices

The time of year you’re getting married in, is also an important consideration when it comes to designing your wedding cake. Summer weddings are best suited to floral or fruity cakes, as traditional buttercream can melt and be a cake disaster. Naked cakes without icing are very on trend in 2020, and they can look simply stunning as they show off the ingredients on the outside. From edible flowers to cascading berries, they’re bright, vivid and extremely on popular. If you’re marrying in winter, then of course icing is no problem – in fact, it can be embraced as part of a crystal white snowflake design.


If you’re a chocoholic and you want to incorporate this preference into your celebrations, then this is exactly what weddings are about. After all, why choose another style of cake that you won’t enjoy eating as much? Chocolate wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes and you can have fun experimenting with combinations of white, milk and dark chocolate designs depending on your favourite tastes. Chocolate wedding cakes can also work really well by doubling up as pudding for your wedding breakfast, which is a great way to save a little bit of money across the day.


Don’t have a sweet tooth? If your tastes are more savoury, then why not opt for a stunning and incredibly rustic cheese wedding cake instead? You can have tiers and tiers of artisan cheeses including Stilton, Brie, and of course traditional Cheddar. Accompany with plenty of crackers and this is bound to be a hit with your reception guests, particularly as the night goes on and they fancy a nibble.

Planning your wedding cake is a fun part of the day, and should always begin by planning a taste test with your choice of supplier. Yum!