How To Personalise Your Essex Wedding

Rose bouquet center piece in a wedding reception

Top Tips To Make Your Wedding As Personalised As Possible

There are so many ways to add custom touches to your wedding day; from your vows, to rings and the venue. Here are some top tips on customising your wedding from start to finish.

Design or make your own wedding rings

Your wedding ring is something that you will look at everyday and be reminded of your big day, so it is a great idea to make them personal. Find a company that will create a beautiful bespoke design following your instructions or you can even have a go at making your own at a jewellery making class or course.

DIY decorations

Instead of using generic store-bought decorations, why not have a go at creating your own? That way you can make each decoration fit exactly with your personal taste and decorate your wedding venue Essex exactly how you want to.

Personalise your stationery

Your wedding stationery can say a lot about you as a couple – and ‘save the dates’ and invites can give guests a taste of your theme before the day arrives. Choose a design that mirrors your interests as a couple – style them like a plane ticket if you love travel, like a menu if you are foodies or try an album cover design if you are music lovers.

Fill your venue with photographs

A wonderful way to personalise your day is displaying photos of you as a couple at your wedding venue. Ideas include using photos of you travelling and ask guests to name the destination in a quiz, or creating decorative bunting with polaroid’s of you together.

Theme your table plan

A table plan is a great place to get creative – the opportunities are endless! You could use numbers significant to the two of you to label each table, for example table 7 for ‘seven years we’ve been together’. You could name tables after anything you both love; albums, destinations, flowers, films, books and then decorate each table to match.

Personalise your playlist

Start writing down ideas for your playlist early – you need a lot of songs to fill your entire day and they can be hard to think of when under pressure. To avoid filling it with generic songs that hold little meaning to you, create a note in your phone and whenever you hear or think of a song that resonates with you jot it down. Some couples also invite their guests to submit favourite songs when they RSVP – it is a great way to get people on the dancefloor, because who can resist a boogie when their requested tune is played?

Write your own vows

Perhaps an obvious option, but writing your own vows is a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your ceremony. Nothing is more special than telling your partner what they mean to you in your very own words. To make them even more memorable you could print and frame them to keep forever.

Invent a cocktail

Add a dash of your personality to the bar by creating a custom cocktail (or mocktail) named after each of you. Pick ingredients that reflect you, in taste or colour, and come up with a fun name that is a pun on your own.


With all these personalised touches and more, we are sure your wedding day will be forever cherished by you and your guests.