Top 5 Quirky Wedding Gifts for Your Guests


Treat your guests with these fantastic wedding favours

Forget the traditional sugared almonds and give your guests something to remember with these personal and quirky wedding favours.

Wedding favours are a lovely way of thanking your guests for attending your big day. Sugared almonds were always the traditional choice, representing health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. However, these days, things are lot more flexible and your wedding favours can be almost anything you want them to be.

If you’re stuck for ideas, these 5 quirky suggestions could help to point you in the right direction.

Personal playlist

The best wedding favours tend to be those that have a personal touch; and what could be more personal than creating your very own CD for guests to take away with them? This could either be a playlist of songs that means something to you as a couple, or a selection of songs that will be played throughout your wedding day. A custom-designed CD sleeve will make the perfect finishing touch to this super sweet and ultra-personal wedding favour.

Childhood treats

Sugared almonds may have fallen out of fashion, but that doesn’t mean that sweets can’t play a part in your wedding favours. Why not take your guests back to their childhood with some nostalgic sweet treats from yesteryear? Provide packs of lovehearts personalised with your initials or wedding date for a really romantic touch, or indulge your guests’ inner child with their very own Kinder Surprise – chocolate and a toy; what’s not to love? You could even go all out with a retro candy bar, giving each guest a paper bag to create their very own pick ‘n’ mix.

Charity donation

Wedding favours can be costly and, for some couples, it’s money that could be better spent elsewhere. If you feel this way and have a cause that is close to your heart, you may want to consider making a charitable donation on behalf of each guest in lieu of a traditional favour. It’s a great opportunity to support a charity that is important to you, and can also help to cut down on waste. Many charities will provide you with pin badges or trinkets that you can gift to your guests to inform them of your donation – so they will still get to have some kind of favour to take home with them.

Flower seeds

Flowers are synonymous with weddings, so why not keep that association going by providing guests with packets of seeds that they can grow at home? Give them a permanent reminder of your day with flowers from your wedding, or provide them with a sea of colour with packets of wildflower seeds. Flowers not your thing? Herb or chilli seeds will work just as well, or you could take all the hard work out of it with ready grown cacti or succulents in colourful pots.

Lucky scratch card

If you’re struggling to think of a suitable wedding favour for your guests, why not leave it up to lady luck and buy everyone a scratch card or lottery ticket? If someone hits the jackpot it will be, without doubt, the best wedding they’ve ever attended.  And even if they don’t, that frisson of excitement as they scratch off the numbers is lots of fun while it lasts. Just be sure you can cope with the jealousy if one of your guests happens to win big!

At our wedding venue, Essex, we’ve seen all kinds of wedding favours – large, small, costly, inexpensive, and even no wedding favours at all. Our advice would be not to stress about it – just choose something that fits with your personalities and your vision for the day. After all, your guests are not there for the gifts; they’re there to help you celebrate the happiest day of your lives.