What to Expect From Your Ceremony & Reception | Crondon Park

Wedding Ceremonies

Getting married in the picturesque valley of Crondon Park Estate.
The Baronial Suite has all the integral facilities to stage the finest of weddings. Although we are licensed in all of our rooms in the complex and gardens to carry out the ceremony, most of the ceremonies take place in our Ryder Room, part of the Baronial Suite. The bride normally leaves from the Bridle Suite which is adjacent, leading directly to the Ryder Room. The congregation are seated towards the area where the marriage is performed, overlooking our beautiful gardens.

Our weddings are extremely popular as we offer a number of options and ideas, including the convenience of the ceremony, reception and entertainment being in one location. For summer weddings (when weather allows) we can stage it under a floral canopy in our gardens.
The ceremony is provided by the Essex Registration & Nationality Service, is a Civil Ceremony, with no religious elements. External weddings are not normally allowed, but because we have a floral canopy, you can experience a memorable ceremony. Another way to personalize the ceremony is to incorporate a reading of verse. The registry office have a selection of popular readings, which may be read at the ceremony by you or one of your guests.

It is very important that you and your guests arrive in good time for your ceremony. Please ensure that you have your arrival time confirmed at your final catering meeting. This allows you to be interviewed before the ceremony and for your guests to be seated. The registrar will see you privately to check details and collect any fees (where applicable) for the ceremony and marriage certificate.

We have a wonderful sound system. Please ensure at the final catering meeting, your favorite and meaningful piece you wish to have played, is loaded onto a cd and given to the team.

The law requires that you are accompanied by at least two credible witnesses at your ceremony. They may be relatives, friends or colleagues, who must be able to speak and understand English.