Best Outdoor Lawn Games For Your Wedding

Water fountain at Crondon Park

Are Your Guests Up To The Challenge?

Lawn game ideas for your guests to show off their competitive spirit with. From carnival style games to Connect 4, there’s entertainment for all.

Keeping your guests entertained throughout your special day is an important way to make sure that your wedding is unforgettable. There can be a certain amount of downtime for guests following the ceremony, as champagne is poured, and photos are taken. Whilst your guests are mingling and getting to know each other, a great ice breaker is to introduce some fantastic outdoor lawn games to play before the reception meal commences. Many of these games can also be enjoyed later in the evening too, with the help of a little LED lighting to illuminate them. They’re also perfect for both adults and children alike, and a great way to distract the youngsters from getting bored during a long day!


Whether you opt for a table-top version of this classic game, or a life-size set of wooden blocks to build high and then tumble down on the lawn, Jenga is a great way to involve multiple people either in teams or individuals. You can buy giant Jenga sets on eBay, hire them from a wedding rental site, or else make your own edition by heading to the local DIY shop and chopping up some wooden blocks.


For that perfect English country wedding vibe, provide your guests with a croquet set and then show off their skills on the croquet lawn. Wedding venues in Essex have plenty of space to accommodate this type of game, so all that’s needed is for your friends and family to grab a mallet and go! In case you’re worried about things getting a little competitive, you can print off a set of instructions to leave next to the set so everyone follows the same rules.

Connect 4

Another childhood classic, Connect 4 is available as a Giant Connect 4 version which can stand robustly on your lawn. Adults and kids won’t be able to resist trying to beat each other in this traditional game to be the first to achieve four counters in a row.

Ring Toss

This is a simple game that guests can commit to for as long or short a time as they wish. All that’s required is to stand behind a line and try to toss a coloured hoop onto a stick or bottle. You can even have some fun by tying the guests’ names to each hoop and giving out prizes for successful throws.

Carnival Games

Roll up, roll up and grab yourselves a hammer! Carnival games such as High Striker are available to hire either as a standalone piece or as part of a package with Hook A Duck stands or even Medieval Stocks. Your High Striker will make the perfect centrepiece for your outdoor wedding reception as everyone will want a go at swinging the hammer to strike the puck and hopefully ring the bell. Put your guests’ strength to the test with this fun-filled game.

If you have your heart set on outdoor lawn games for your wedding, it’s time to think about sourcing them and discussing with your wedding coordinator as to how they’ll fit in with your day.