Choosing Your First Dance Song – Our Top Tips


Make your first dance extra-memorable with the perfect song

Choosing the right song for your first dance can be difficult, but our tips will help you find the perfect song to make your first dance together extra-special.

The first dance is an important part of any wedding. It’s your first dance as a married couple, and it also gives you chance to snatch a bit of time together in the midst of the madness of the wedding day – even if you’re surrounded by people armed with smart phones and cameras. However, choosing a song for the first dance is not always an easy process.

We spoke to our wedding team at Crondon Park who gave us their top tips for choosing the perfect song for that all-important first dance.

Choose something personal

The easiest way to find a song for your first dance is to choose something that has sentimental value to you and your significant other. It could be a song that was playing during your first date or first kiss, or maybe it’s a tune that brings back happy memories of a romantic trip you took together.  Whatever the back story, you can be sure that choosing something that you think of as ‘your’ song will help to make your first dance really memorable and extra-special.

Reflect your story

Not everyone has that one special song – and that’s totally fine – it doesn’t mean that your first dance won’t be personal and meaningful. Instead of trying to find a song that has featured in your relationship, try to find a song whose lyrics represent your journey as a couple so far, from overcoming the difficulties of a long-distance relationship, or proving the doubters wrong, to sharing adventures together as you travel around the world. This is a perfect opportunity to share your story, so it’s worth doing a bit of research to find a song that fits.

Decide on a genre

There are literally millions of songs out there, so if choosing a first dance song seems a little overwhelming, try taking it one step at a time. Focusing on a specific genre can really help to narrow down your options and set you on the right track. This can be difficult if you and your fiancé have hugely different tastes, but if you’re finding it hard to agree, why not choose one genre for the first dance, and another for your walk down the aisle?

Pick a style

Another thing to consider is what style of music you and your partner would like to play at your wedding. Would you prefer a classic song that never goes out of style, or would you rather a more contemporary choice of song that better reflects your taste in music? It’s also worth considering whether you’d like to celebrate your marriage with a slow romantic number, or if you’d prefer to add a bit of fun with a more up-tempo number.

Be practical

It might not sound very romantic, but it always helps to be a little bit practical when it comes to choosing a song for your first dance. If you’re having a live band, discuss your choice with them first to make sure they’re able to play it. If your preferred song is a bit too up-tempo for a first dance, it’s also worth chatting to your band to see if they can perform a customised version with a slower version that’s more suited to a slow first dance.

Think outside the box

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a song for your first dance is that there are no rules. If a slow, romantic dance is just not ‘you’, don’t feel like you have to do it solely to satisfy tradition. Go for something more up-tempo and incorporate a fun dance routine for you and your wedding party, or even forego the first dance altogether if it really makes you uncomfortable.  And who says you have to stick to one song? If you’re finding it difficult to decide, why not have two? Start off with the slow romantic song and segue into a faster number that gets all your guests up on the dancefloor.

By taking the time to choose a song that you both love and that has some kind of special meaning to you as a couple, you can ensure that your first dance together is one that you will remember forever.