Christmas Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Day

Christmas Tree with white ornaments and blue lights in a venue

How To Make Your Festive Wedding Extra Special

If your wedding falls in the festive season, then here are several ways to add some extra magic to the celebrations!


Picking the right foliage

Christmas weddings tend to stray away from the traditional flowers and foliage associated with weddings and instead incorporate the beautiful greenery and berries connected with the holidays.

Try combining the textures of lush, shiny holly leaves with spiky branches of pine tree to create centrepieces and decorations around the venue. Extra touches, such as pinecones and frosted berries, add flair to decorative details and work so well with a rustic wedding venue in Essex. For the bouquet think similar, but with red and white roses and dashes of silvery Eucalyptus. Don’t forget the mistletoe – hang small bunches from the ceiling to encourage romantic moments.

Hot chocolate bar

If your wedding is around December 25th it is bound to get a little bit chilly in the evening, so a hot chocolate bar is the perfect way to warm yourself and your guests up. Set up a table with all the ingredients for making DIY drinks and a selection of fancy toppings and flavourings; think candy canes, marshmallows, honeycomb pieces, peppermint syrup. You could also add a range of alcohol, like Baileys, for those looking for an extra kick in their warming beverage.

Lots of lights

Nothing says Christmas more than fairy lights, so be sure to make the most of them when decorating your wedding venue in Essex. You can add lights to table centrepieces, hang them from beams in rustic barn venues, the back of chairs and deck out Christmas trees. When it comes to adding twinkling lights, more is more!

Yuletide table favours

With the obvious connection between Christmas and gift giving, the wedding favour options are endless. You could go simple and traditional and set each place with a cracker; the cracker-pulling moments will make for great photos and there is nothing more festive than a paper hat. Another idea is a bauble, that way it is something the guest will use every year and be reminded of your special day. Traditional Christmas snacks, such as giant chocolate coins and striped candy canes are great options too – especially for children.

A festive playlist

What better way is there to get in the festive mood than with Christmas songs? Make sure your DJ, or your playlist, includes enough of the classics to get your guests on the dance floor singing along! If you want to spread the Christmas cheer without going all-in with the cheesy tunes, then look for classical versions or those sang by a choir instead.


Hopefully you’ve gained some inspiration on how to decorate your wedding venue and enjoy time with your guests to make your Christmas wedding one to remember.