Easy DIY Wedding Hair Ideas For Bridesmaids

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Hair Styles To Suit Every Type Of Wedding

Whether you’re looking for a classic updo, natural flowing locks, or want to focus on the accessories, there’s a simple hair style to suit every bridesmaid.

It can be challenging to keep your bridesmaids happy, particularly if you have a few of them. With different shapes, sizes and individual styles to work with, finding a bridesmaid dress that they’re all happy with can be a mission and a half. But one fantastic way to keep everyone beaming is to come up with some cute bridesmaid hair ideas that are flattering and make your bridal party feel a million dollars. Here are some simple DIY styles for every type of wedding.

Double French Twist

For a traditional and formal wedding in a stunning location, you’ll want your bridesmaids to look the part. A double French twist hair style includes two French rolls which are mirrored on either side, and topped with a crown to add height at the top. This style absolutely oozes vintage glamour and is easy to achieve. Begin by taking three sections of hair – one section on the top and then the two at the back with a centre parting. The back sections can be backcombed, then rolled into the middle before being pinned neatly. Then use the top section which should also be backcombed and folded over the top of your French rolls to finish with hair spray and accessories of your choice.

Loose Curls With Pretty Plaits

This look screams country chic and would be perfect for a rural wedding venue in Essex. The look is achieved by allowing most of the hair to drape down over the shoulders, either in natural curls or for those with straight hair, a little curling can add cute ringlets. Take a small section of hair just above the ear on each side, and plait it together until you reach the end. When you have two plaits from recession to the centre, simply pin them loosely and hide the pins with an artificial flower accessory or ribbons.

Side Swept With Gems

Showing off the neckline of your bridesmaids can create a truly elegant look. But if you don’t want to go for a classic up do, then opting for a side swept style is the best way to achieve this. Simply pull one side of your hair up and pin beneath a section of hair on the other side. You might want to add a side ponytail or plait for those with much longer hair. To bring a little sparkle, pin some gem accessories into the side that is up.

Fresh Flowers

If you’re looking for a way for your bridesmaids’ outfits to tie in with the bride’s look, then adding fresh flowers to complement the colours of the bridal bouquet is a great detail to use. This is a look that works well with less formal weddings such as beach ceremonies. Simply let the hair flow, either poker straight with a large rose pinned to one side, or loose and wavy with a flower crown.

The best way to keep all your bridesmaids happy is to have some open discussions about how they’d like to look. Get everyone together, bring some bridal hair magazines to flick through and have fun practising some easy styles on each other.