Heart Themed Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Pink wedding venue reception

How to incorporate heart decorations into your wedding celebrations

A heart is a symbol most associated with love and romance, so what better object to sprinkle all over your wedding ceremony and venue? Especially if your big day is on Valentine’s Day or in February. Here’s some inspiration for how to use the shape of love throughout your wedding…

Design your wedding cake

Turn your cake into a decorative item by having it baked in the shape of a heart. This looks beautiful no matter your type of cake; from traditional iced fruit cake, to triple chocolate cake to naked cake.

Add some lighting

Lighting is a guaranteed way to inject some ambience into your wedding venue. Go small with fairy lights or make a statement with giant freestanding light up hearts; these large structures with built-in light bulbs make an ideal backdrop for photos or to decorate the dance floor.

Make your flowers fancy

With both being considered symbols of romance, why not combine hearts and flowers for the ultimate lovey-dovey decorative pieces. Design yourself, or with the help of your florist, a large flower wreath in the shape of a heart to make a fantastic showstopping decoration – you can choose the size to suit you and completely customise with your wedding flowers and greenery. These also look lovely on a smaller scale – perhaps hanging on the back of the bride/groom chairs or as cake toppers, boutonnières and table-top arrangements.

Customise your rings

Take your wedding rings to the next level with heart details. Go all out with heart cut diamonds or take a more subtle approach and opt for engraving on the inside of the band – a lovely way to personalise your jewellery.

Embellish the table settings

Use the table setting of each guest as an opportunity to decorate and create a special experience. There are many layers to building a perfect table setting and you can seamlessly add a heart into most of them; think about engraved cutlery, fabric napkins with embroidered motifs and origami heart name cards.

Theme your favours

Sweets and chocolate are probably the easiest way to tie a heart theme into your favours, with there being no shortage of heart-shaped confectionery on the market.

Use balloons

Balloons are great for adding interest at eye level or higher and making space feel fuller. To create a dramatic entrance, a beautifully designed arch scattered with heart-shaped balloons will capture attention. You can also use pairs of balloons to fill empty corners and areas of the venue that feel bare.

Personalise your dresses and suits

Embellish your wedding outfits with heart details – from cut-outs to beading – to bring your theme into every element of your big day.

Use these ideas as inspiration for weddings around Valentine’s Day and beyond – after all, every wedding is a celebration of love. We hope you will visit us here at Crondon Park for your special day.