How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding hall with neutral colours Crondon Park

Tips from Crondon Park to help you pick your perfect wedding venue

Picking the right wedding venue is probably the biggest choice you’ll have to make in your wedding planning process. Couples will often find themselves overwhelmed with the stress, the plethora of options and the weight of the decision. We’re here to help eliminate that by helping you know what to look for and what questions to ask yourself in the process…

What are your non-negotiables?

If you shut your eyes and imagine your wedding day – what do you see? What are the things, the spaces, the atmosphere you know you want? Make a list of these things and label them your non-negotiables; the things you won’t go without. Keep the list short, because in the world of weddings (unless you’ve got an unlimited budget!) you will have to compromise in some areas. This will give you a good starting point when you begin the venue hunt. We are confident that Crondon Park wedding venue will tick some of the many boxes including; a large space, onsite accommodation, and outdoor areas.

When do you want to get married?

Whether it’s a season, a month, a weekend or even an exact day, setting an approximate date for your wedding is a great next step as availability is usually the first question that you will need to ask a venue. If they can’t offer you a booking on a day you want, then you can rule them out right away (or change your ideal date depending on how much you love the venue and what it offers).

How many people do you want to invite?

The length of your guest list will likely determine the size of your venue. Some venues can cater to any number of guests, by providing different rooms or helping you tailor the space to your needs. Here at Crondon Park, we work hard to accommodate guest lists of all sizes.

What is your budget?

How much you’re willing to spend will obviously dictate what venue you’re able to book. Sometimes you will be able to look at a venue and you’ll know whether it is in budget or not, but it’s always worth enquiring. Certain venues may offer discounts for particular days, such as mid-week.

Where do you want your wedding to be held?

Choosing a location that gives you what you want and is good for your family and guests can be a difficult balance. If you want your loved ones there then considering their needs is important; is it easy for them to travel there? Is it suitable for all guests to access? Will the older guests be comfortable? Does it provide accommodation nearby? At Crondon Park, we aim to cater for all potential guests.

Can you see it in real life?

Seeing your venue in real life and not in a booklet or on a computer screen is really important in the decision-making process. An in-person visit to the venue gives you so much more than simply seeing what it looks like, but you get to gage the atmosphere, understand the layout and see if the staff are helpful and polite.


Once you’ve answered the above questions, you should be left with a shortlist of venues full of potential for your big day.